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Who Is SunhatKid, YouTuber Danny Duncan physical controversy explained


Who Is SunhatKid, YouTuber Danny Duncan physical controversy explained: One name which is currently in the talk of the town is Sunhatkid? Let’s find who is he and why his name is in the limelight. Sunhatkid, a fellow social media influencer who consistently attends Duncan and the group and can be watched wearing his characteristic sun hat, is an intermittent character in these movies. Danny Duncan is a popular Youtuber who garnered more than 6 million subscribers who are popularly known for his prank videos and the occasional arguments with an irate prank target. On the other side, Sunhatkid has been missing from the recent production of Duncan, leading fans to suspect that the 2 creators have had a falling out. He can be easily found on Instagram and Twitter. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com


Who Is Sunhatkid?

Sunhatkid, a fellow Youtuber, released a new video whose title is “The Truth About Danny Duncan” on Thursday, 2nd December 2021. He said in the 18-minute video that he had broken up with Duncan possessing to his hostile conduct. He stated that the Youtuber had physically ill-treated him and had constantly beaten him on the head. Sunhatkid claimed that Duncan demanded that he sign a 10-year Youtube contract and that he unfollowed all of his social media influencers and content creators.

Danny Duncan physical controversy explained

He could not work with some other creators due to the contract. Duncan allegedly pocketed 20% of his income, as per him. Sunhatkid complicated the claim of the physical abuse, asserting that the Youtube celebrity gave him a huge bump on the head at the time of the friendly wrestling match. He also bled as a consequence of the impact. In another incident, Duncan reportedly kicked him in the head after he bungled a skating trick.


He further asserted that one day Duncan caught him in a restroom and put a knife at his throat, which only aggravate for him. In the spite of the fact that Duncan did not stab him with the sword, the meeting scared him and made him scared for his life. The ex-Duncan employee further asserted that no one else on the team tensed about what Duncan was doing with him as the accused abuse was continuously done in front of others.

Sunhatkid Age And Real Name

The social media influencer and content creator Sunhatkid is aged around 25-26 years old. The real name of Sunhatkid is Aaron Hall. He has come to the spotlight as a consequence of the harsh action of Duncan against him. He stood up for himself, and his video had gone viral, gathering the support of many fans and watchers. However, Duncan has not said yet anything in this matter whilst he is expected to comment about the incident on the Instagram handle


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