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Who Is Sophie Brussaux? Watch Drake’s Baby Mama Rapper Wholesome Video With Son Adonis


Who Is Sophie Brussaux? Watch Drake’s Baby Mama Rapper Wholesome Video With Son Adonis: On 29, January 2021, the famous singer Drake uploaded the video on Instagram with his cute and beautiful child named Adonis Graham who is just four years old kid. Both were discussing on the topic of height difference in the future. Who is gonna bigger in terms of height? Is Drake is becoming bigger than Adonis or has Adonis become bigger than Drake? Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Who Is Sophie Brussaux? Watch Drake's Baby Mama Rapper Wholesome Video With Son Adonis

Adonis was seen showcasing his ability to speak French as well. Drake rapper asked his son whether he was going to become bigger than him when he grows up. Adonis politely replies to him Yeah. Adonis Graham went on to teach him how to speak French as Drake is good at pronouncing the French words in the right manner. When Adonis finished speaking in French, Drake asked him what he said. Adonis replied You’ll all be broken when you’re older, and you’ll return to space. The Knife Talk singer ended the video by asking his son if he really said the statement in French or if he was making it up. The father-son duo then shared a hearty laugh at the end of the video.

Who Is Sophie Brussaux?

Drake co-parents his son Adonis with artist model Sophie Brussaux. The two were first together seen in January 2017. She went on to give birth to their son Adonis in October 2017. However, the two did not share a lengthy relationship. Some reports claim that the Grammy winner wanted Sophia to go for an abortion but she refused and accepted to birth this little child.

Brussaux was born in Bordeaux, France, and it’s not surprising that her son is fluent in French. She used to model and has also featured in several adult videos in the name of Rosee Divine. But Later on, she quit this work, changes her mind, and go on to build her career in painting, blending pop art with classic styles including surrealism and symbolism. If you look at her about page closely then you see that Sophia Brussaux describes the message in her art by saying.

Watch Drake’s Baby Mama Rapper Wholesome Video With Son Adonis

It combines cultural icons, biblical and sci-fi elements, and ideas ranging from the daring liberating of female sexuality, AI in dystopian possible futures, and lapsed spirituality.

Sophie Brussaux has since met Pope Francis and presented the Vatican with a custom portrait. She is also the founder and artistic director of Arts Help, a non-profit firm. Follow this site to get the latest news.

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