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Who is Siobhan Haughey? Hong Kong Swimmer Siobhan Haughey Wins Silver Medal, Age, Instagram!


Hong Kong athletes are performing really well at the Tokyo Olympics, Siobhan Haughley has just backed up two silvers when we talk about the 200 meters and 100-meter freestyle, this has happened after Edgar Cheung Ka-Long has won the second gold medal that has ever come for Hong Kong, Siobhan Hughley shares the same tattoo which is with Brady Ellison, Tom Daley, and Vanessa Ferrari and it seems like that the swimwear that has been endorsed by her is all sold out as of this point.

Siobhan Haughey

Who is Siobhan Haughey?

It has been stated that 46 Olympics were there who represented the country, Hong Kong in the Tokyo Olympics and the city was pretty excited about the athletes performing on the biggest stage of all and then the unthinkable happened as Edgar Cheung Ka-Long won the gold which is the second gold for Hong Kong in the history and this has happened after 25 years which has been won in the fencing foil on Monday.

Siobhan Haughey has also managed to claim two silver medals as she has been successful in being the second in the 200-meter freestyle which happened on Wednesday on 28th July and also came second in the 100-meter freestyle which happened on Friday on 30th July.

Siobhan Haughey Biography, Age, Instagram

She has been swimming since her childhood as her parents were also an enthusiast of swimming as they used to teach their two daughters the art of swimming at their home only and then they started going to the nearby swimming club.

At the age of four she started taking lessons swimming and the rest is the Olympic history, she also has the tattoo of the official sign of Olympics and it seems like that it is the only tattoo that is going to be allowed by the tiger mums and it has also been stated by Haughley that it is the only tattoo that she is going to have.

The athletes are making history every day and many people in the world are getting inspired seeing the young blood doing the unthinkable in the different sports and it is fun that people are celebrating fitness and sports.

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