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Who Is Simon Cowell? AGT Simon Cowell Golden Buzzer Performer Explored!


America’s got talent is one of the most influential and one of the most iconic shows that will probably keep on going for many coming years as the show has created a space in the hearts of the people and many of the contestants have gone to achieve success in their lives because of the show so this has to be said about the show that it has been providing opportunities to talented people so that,

AGT Simon Cowell Golden Buzzer

Who Is Simon Cowell?

They can showcase whatever they are good at no matter what is their talent and that is the best part of the show that it is pretty unpredictable as no one knows that what to expect of someone in the show, and on the latest episode that was aired on Tuesday night, one of the contestants naming Nightbirde who is 30 years of age, the real name of the person is Jane Marczewski who went on to perform an original song which has been composed and written by her and the name of the song is “it’s ok” which is inspired by the story of her life which she faced in the last year as she was battling out cancer and it seems like.

AGT Simon Cowell Golden Buzzer Performer

She is still is carrying in her lungs, spine, and liver and it has been stated that the chances are pretty minuscule that is 2% of her to survive this battle that she is having with cancer but she never let that show on her face as she was witty, she was upbeat about the situation that she is as she stated that “2% is not zero,

It is something” and it is what gives her hope and it seems like that she is one of the strongest souls who know the critical situation that she is but she still shows with a constant smile on her face making everyone happy with her amazing performance and making everyone inspired by her as she has shown that hope is everything and giving up is just something that is out of the question.

Howie Mandel also stated that this is the most authentic stuff that he has seen and heard in this whole season as everyone agreed with him and then Simon was praising her too as she stated that “you can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore before you decide to be happy” as Simon took a pause after that sentence and then stated that he does not give her a ‘yes’ as everyone gets shocked and he stated that he is going to give her something else and then went on to press the golden buzzer.

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