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Who is Shilpa Nag IAS? Karnataka IAS Officer Shilpa Nag Transferred!


Two of the Indian Administrative Service(IAS) officer naming Shilpa Nag and Rohini Sindhuri have been transferred and that has been done by the government of Karnataka and this has happened after few days of the drama that happened which involved a tussle of power, the order has been affiliated by the Commissioner for Charitable endowments and Hindu religious that Rohini Sindhuri Dasari who is the Deputy Commissioner of the district of Mysurui has been transferred with an immediate effect and will be posted until the further order comes.

Shilpa Nag IAS

Who is Shilpa Nag IAS?

This notification has been issued by the government of Karnataka which they stated on Saturday and this has been reported by the ANI news agency and it has also been reported by the agency that Commissioner Shilpa Nag has also been transferred by the Karnataka government and she has been posted as the director of the Panchayati raj and rural development and this is going to be the case until further order comes and this has also been reported by the agency.

Karnataka IAS Officer Shilpa Nag Latest News Update

and it seems like that Dr. Bagdi Gahum who was the additional commissioner in Bengaluru for the commercial taxes has been now appointed as the new Deputy Commissioner of Mysuru for the time being and the government of Karnataka has also stated that Lakshmikanth Reddy is going to be the new commissioner for the Mysuru city corporation.

and after all of the shuffling that has been done by the Karnataka government, the situation has gotten worse as Shilpa Nag has announced that she is resigning from the Indian Administrative services and she announced about the same on Thursday as she has stated that humiliation and harassment is the cause of her firm decision and she further stated that she cannot work in such a suffocating environment and she also made a reference about Rohini Sindhuri who is 2009 batch officer and she is the one who has been receiving a lot of backlash from many of the political leaders and that includes the politicians from Janata Dal, BJP and also JD.

Nag said in a statement that she gave on Thursday that she is feeling sorrow and regret as she is submitting her resignation from the Indian Administrative Services and she further stated that the government should accept her demand and put her out of her misery as she sounded pretty frustrated with the government and it is a shame that such officers are resigning as it is not at all easy to become an IAS and then after becoming one, resigning from such a post can never be easy.

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