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Who is Shadman?: Why was YouTuber Shadman Arrested? Explained


Who is Shadman?: Why was YouTuber Shadman Arrested? Explained: A popular artist and well-known Youtuber has been arrested for violating the algorithm guidelines. Youtuber popularly is known for his vulgar art and is arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. The Swiss Youtuber whose name is Shadman runs a website called “Shadbase” is notorious for his webcomics and pornographic art has reportedly been apprehended for assaulting someone with a fatal weapon. The real name of the Youtuber is Shaddai Prejean (31-years-old) is better known as Shadbase or Shadman in the online community. He is recognized for his artworks on loli and other characters such as Elastigirl. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com
Shadman Arrested

Shadman Arrested

In the year 2009, Shadman made his website, Newgrounds, and the Shadbase account and he created his account back in the year 2010. He started increasing a cult following and meeting online friends ever since he marked his debut in the online career. He is applicable in the Internet culture even after becoming a controversial face and figure because of his art.  However, this Swiss Youtuber is not only the Youtuber making headlines in the newspaper for the wrong season.

Why was YouTuber Shadman Arrested?

In the month of July, Yoseline Hoffman, another Youtuber who slut-shamed a minor rape sufferer was apprehended for child porn. In the year 2019, Shadman stated that he had decided to quit featuring loli and pornographic art because of the drama he had to be emerged in. Though that may not really be a thing of the past as in an earlier post, A user of Twitter disclosed that “Shadman was apprehended in Los Angeles for Assault with a Deadly Weapon. Good riddance.” To make his Tweet worthy he also shared documents of his apprehend.

Many people on social media asserted that Shadman deserved to be put in prison. As one user wrote, “Ladies and gentlemen, they got him. I am surprised he got apprehended for assault with a weapon and not for being a pedo.” Another user wrote, “AT LAST THE WORLD IS SAFE.”

Who Is Shadman?

There is little much information is available on the personal life of Shadman on the Internet but the Sleepy Cabin podcast asserts that he originally resided in Zurich, Switzerland, and studied in an art school. He attended the school only until they found that the work accessible in his portfolio was “extremely illegal”. After that, he was apparently expelled from the school.

After this expel, Shadman decided to do the freelance art prior to appearing with his own website in the year 2019. He was allegedly called a “threaten to society” in Switzerland and later on, he migrated to the United States. His videos often consist of sketches of a fictional character from pop culture. In the year 2018, he stopped posting videos, stated he would quit drawing vulgar art.

A piece of news is coming straight from Los Angeles that has shocked everyone. Yes, we are talking about Kiwifarm’s Shadman aka Shaddai Prejean who has been arrested under section 245(A)(1). He is in Glendale Courthouse custody. The news is getting viral on the Internet rapidly and receiving immense responses from the netizens. As soon as the news went viral, people started sharing the news on several social media platforms. Many netizens are seeking information about the matter and Shadman. In this article, we are going to provide all the details about the matter along with who is Kiwifarms Shadman.

Kiwifarms Shadman Arrested

As per the sources, Kiwifarms Shadman has been detained on charges of assault of deadly weapon. Firstly, the matter was reported by KIWI Farms along with proof on Twitter. Kiwi Farms shared some documents regarding the matter in which it was mentioned that Shadman had been killing and threatening people with guns.

Later, He was taken into custody under section 245(A)(1). Some sources revealed that his court hearing is scheduled to be held on 19 November 2021 regarding the case. The case against Shadman has been filed in the Los Angeles County Superior Courts, Glendale Courthouse, located in the city of Los Angeles. The case was filed on 28 October 2021.

Talking about Kiwifarms Shadman, so he is also known as Shaddai Prejean. He was born on 09 September 1990, As of 2021, he is 31 years old. He was raised in Zurich, Switzerland where he went to an art school. He was kicked out of the school because of his illegal arts. He had been criticized for extraneous and offensive arts. Currently, he is a YouTuber and also an artist. He is well-known on the Internet for receiving hatred for his rule 34 and his comics that contain child adult material.


He creates content such as the art of Elastigirl and loli. In 2009, he created his own website with the domain Shadman. And the next year, he made his Youtube channel where he uploads his content. Animator Sr Pelo is one of his closest friends. On the other side, he appeared as a guest on SleepyCabin. His gender is yet to be cleared but it is expected to be bisexual. Currently, he is in jail. His previous three hearings went against him. So, there are more chances for him to be jailed for a long time and he might be sent to the detention center. We’ll update you soon with further details till then Stay tuned with us for more updates

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