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Who is Shabnam Ali: For The First Time A Woman Will Be Going To Hanged Till Her Last Breath


In the history of India for the first time, a woman will be going to hanged till her death. After the independence, it will be going to the first case of hanging a woman. The Mathura district jail has started gestation to hang a woman. Her name is Shabnam Ali, age 38, she was allegedly accused of killing seven members of her family. Her father, mother, two brothers, sister-in-law, cousin, and 10-month old nephew. She killed them by serving milk laced with sedatives and then cutting their throats. She did not even yearn for her little nephew.

Shabnam Ali

The accused Shabnam is from Bawankheri (Uttar Pradesh) and highly educated as she completed her double MA in English. She was working as a school teacher and loved by the students. It is a great shock for everyone who knows her. Her uncle, Sattar Ali, chronicles her as a timid girl, “every bit the docile girl” who nobody ever thinks that she can murder her family members only for the sake of her love.

Shabnam Ali was found guilty of murdering seven members of her family. She killed her family on the interceding night of April 14 and 15, 2008, she stupefied her family and slaughtered them. She made a plan of murder with her boyfriend Saleem. Shabnam’s family members were against her relationship with Saleem. Both belong to different socio-economic backgrounds and caste. Shabnam is a Saifi Muslim and landholder whereas her boyfriend Saleem is a Pathan is class 5th dropout and works as daily wage workers.

In comparison with Saleem, Shabnam quite belongs to the high middle class as her family owned more than 30 bighas of land and her father was an Arts teacher in a college. Her uncle said that they all were in a big shock after listening to this. There were might be some tension in the family due to her relationship but it’s hard to even imagine that this matter was come to end in this way.

Shabnam was seven weeks pregnant with her lover Saleem. She was arrested on April 19, 2008, after five days of astonishing murders along with her lover Salim. She delivered a baby in 2008 December. Her family was against her love and marriage which’s why she planned the cruel murder. She made her family members drink milk laced with sedatives before slaughtering them. On the day of the judgment, the court perceived the statements of at least 29 witnesses. After asking the 649 questions related to the case to the witnesses 160-page order was passed.

The district and sessions court made the statement of death for both of them on 14 July 2010. But both challenged the sessions’ courts and then applied in High Court then-Supreme Court and even requested mercy appeal to the President Pranab Mukherjee but their requests were rejected by everyone. They also filed a review appeal in the supreme court. And now she will be going to be the first woman who is going to hang till her last breath.

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