The most sensational and Indian singing reality show “Indian Idol 12” is constantly in the talk of social media and its fans. One after another this singing reality show is creating much controversy and always in the limelight. As the viewers watched that from the past few episodes there was no elimination of the contestant was happened but in Sunday’s episode finally, the 8th elimination has happened. The contestant who got eliminated from the show on 20th June 2021 is none other than Sawai Bhatt. The show already evicted 7th participants so far and now Sawai Bhatt name is also added to this list and became the 8th eliminated contestant.

Sawai Bhatt

Who is Sawai Bhatt?

The fans of Sawai Bhatt are in great shock after watching his elimination on Sunday’s episode and they are keenly searching about the complete detail of him. Sawai Bhatt wiki, biography is in the top search history of Google after his eviction from II12. In this blog, we are sharing all the possible details of Sawai Bhatt which we gathered.

Sawai Bhatt is an Indian singer who took participated in the most sensational singing reality show Indian Idol Season 12. Sawai Bhatt was born in 1998 which means, he is 23 years as of now. Sawai Bhatt was born in 1998 which means, he is 23 years as of now. He took birth in the Gachchipura village of Nagaur, in the state of Rajasthan. Before choosing singing as a professional career he was a puppeteer. He has carried out puppet shows all over the state of Rajasthan in order to earn his livelihood.

Sawai Bhatt Wikipedia, Age, Instagram, Net Worth

Name Sawai Bhatt
Wife/ Girlfriend Single
Profession Singer
Age 23 Years
Famous For Indian Idol 12 Contastant
Birth Place Gachchipura, Nagaur, Rajasthan
Instagram @sawai.bhatt
Net Worth 1-5 Laks Rs
Religion Hindu
Current City Mumbai
Nationality Indian

Talking about his physical appearance his height is 5’8 inch and the colors of his eyes and hair are black. His father’s name is Ramesh Bhatt and his mother’s name is Sushila Bhatt. His father and mother are also puppeteers. He belongs to a very poor family and that’s why he chose the puppeteers as a medium of living but finally enters the field of singing and chooses it as a great career option. Just like him, his parents run puppet shows. Sawai also has a younger sister but there is no much information is available about her.

Sawai is very much fond of singing since his childhood but could not able to proceed with professional training due to her poor financial condition. At the age of his adolescence, he developed a desired interest in music and started giving his performance to few traditional Rajasthani folks on the streets to get some money. He came in a limelight after participating in Indian Idol Season 12.

In the audition rounds, he performed on Rajasthani folk song “Keshariya Balam Aao Mere Desh’ which won the heart of the judges and received the golden ticket for the next round. Apart from singing, he is very much fond of playing the Harmonium. However, he is no longer part of the Indian Idol season 12 and the audiences will surely miss his magical and sensational voice.


  1. Sawai Bhat is very talented singer .Only 3 best singers will go to finale .Sawai has bright future as he is hard working and talented too.
    Sonu Kakkar is judge in 3 episode .There are no rules and regulations .In what capacity she is judging the show .Even very director Anu only nodding to her comments .Camera focused mainly on her .
    Indian Idol winners of past show sing better than Sonu Kakkar .Whose recommendations are being followed ?
    No consideration about training ,experience and talent .Sonu Kakkar is a YouTubber ,she make her own videos .
    Many more singers from bollywood.and singers who launch private albums are hundred times better than her .
    Next time call Tony Kakkar also .
    Channel ,producer ,director don’t care about.public opinion .Is it done under high profile influence ?

  2. He should have been take back in the show, He deserves to be an indian Idol. Plz my appeal to all Indian just to support his come back.

  3. Sawai bhat is the best of all singers in Indian idol so shocked to know about his elimination.He should be back.

  4. Friends don’t comment. Indian Idol is presently run by kakkars who don’t know singing only notankies. Sonu kakkar is a judge and sitting beside Anu mallik, himesh reshamiya. Better to have Aditya Narayan as judge. Regarding elimination, it is scripted format and we have to accept that. Presently I don’t see judge’s comments and surf the channel.

  5. Sawai is undoubtably top 5 . Unfortunately due to show format he is out. It means nothing. Top Indian playback singers have never topped such reality show which is more meant for entertainment rather than to promote talent.

  6. So sad and incredibly shocked the way Sony channel hiring judges paying huge remuneration and these judges do nothing but sit and giggle and make no right judgement. Indian Idol is such a huge reality show watched by people around the glob. The organisers should make it with such planning and should not give any kinds of room for complaints from the public. I am a regular viewer of Indian Idol. But, totally disappointed and frustrated. A show like this should never deteriorate this level. Learn to treat everyone the same. Don’t be partial while giving comments or judgements.
    Singing talent is inborn don’t destroy it. Encourage people who deserve it. Don’t make it a public nuisance. Hope it will be an eye opener.

  7. Everything is highly political and personal influences one carries. Itbis not the talent! Bringing non ecperienced judges and not caring about viewers opinion or public voting decisions in elimination is done.
    It is better either such Shows are closed or real non partial judges sit to judge the real talent without bothering about family background it looks!

  8. Among all he is one of the best. When Sawai was singing in the show just I always look to his face found very simple and inocent. It does not matter from which family he belongs to but his singing style and voice is excellent . All times it’s heart touching. I also request everyone to bring him back to the show.

  9. Bakwass…. this year indian idol too boring …. I can’t say more or xplain…. just get fed-up day by day especially looking those new faces of judges


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