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Who is Sarah Everard? Missing Body Found In Bag Suspect Wayne Couzens Appears In Court Check Wikipedia, Instagram


Elena Couzens: She is the wife of an officer long with the police of the metropolitan city. The officer is Wayne Couzens. Elena Couzens has been suspected as the kidnapper of Sarah Everard who is arrested. As per the sources, Evard has been got kidnapped on 3rd March 2021, from South London. Sarah’s remnant was got in Kent on March 12. Elena and Wyane got married in 2006. Police arrested Elena on March 9. But released on bail.

Sarah Everard

Know more about Elena Couzens:-

Elena is typically from Ukraine. She received her studies in biochemistry from Donetsk University she got graduated in 2003. She has been worked in Ukraine as a laboratory technician. Wayne and Elene met each other on social media and later both decided to get married in 2006. The couple has two children, Selena received her first child in 2010 and second child in 2012. The first one is a girl and the other one is a boy.

Who are Sarah Everard and Wayne Couzens?

Later when she shifted to Uk, she has been employed at Boots Store in Kent. When she was arrested, Elena is working in Medical Engineering Technologies Limited in Dover. While her neighbors exclaimed that Elena speaks poor English. The family of Elena has shifted to Dubai in 2019. Her mother Nina Sukhoreba was a teacher in Kirovograd which has estimate distance from the South of Kiev is 185 miles.

The kidnap of Everards is still a mystery that yet to is revealed:-

The entire nation got clutched into the kidnapping case of Everard in the month of March. While there is no strong proof or evidence against Elena. But there was something to be doubtful when Sarah’s remains were found near the Couzens’s home. Hence, her case is still a mystery which the police are still investigating. And searching for strong evidence against her kidnappers. Whereas, Elena is in custody.¬†Wayne got arrested at night on Tuesday.

Police stated, “Sarah when last seen she was in a green jacket with blue pants, and orange sneakers.

Sarah’s Family Stated, “as days are passing we get worried for our daughter more and more. And we wished to found her safe and fine.”

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