The most popular mobile brand Samsung has been ready with its new mascot character which is getting viral on social media and the users of the brand are curiously waiting for this update. Lightfarm the design firm eh has been designed a Mascot character for Samsung along with the marketing agency which has been owned by Samsung. Whereas this product has been never integrated into any sort of campaign, The pictures or the images of the character mascot were uploaded on the site of the firm Lightfarm but the company has been deleted them now. Yes, the firm has been deleted those images from its website.

Samsung Sam Virtual Assistant

Who is Samsung Girl?

The name of the character is Samantha, she has been designed as an attractive girl with bright eyes, a perky woman who has been love to stuff to tunes in her Samsung mobile phone, searching and installing for Apps and of course texting and chatting with her friends. In short, we can also say that she is a girl of the 21st century who has been interested in trying all the entertaining and essential stuff of a Samsung mobile phone.

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Samantha has become the new sensation and interest of the internet, even get viral overnight. Not only this she will be seen on Tik Tok also which means this character is highly appreciated by Samsung users. While there is nothing to be so shocked about the popularity of Samantha as there was one more character of persona who runs with the help of Pixar design and this is known as Persona.

Samsung Galaxy Sam Virtual Assistant Age, Name

Samsung phones are already equipped with the Bixby including Alexa and Siri, while Samantha has been neglecting as users don’t even need her and live with her and she will neer going to be pop up on our phones.

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This character has been designed before on 2D Version and now Sansing updated this character named Samantha into the 3D Version, it has been much more interesting, lucrative, and modern. Mascot character had been designed by the two companies including Lightfarm and Cheil Agency. The Lightfarm named the charter “Sam”.

There are numerous questions going on in the user’s mind about Samantha, thus one of them is here “In what ways this virtual assistant Samantha will be going to help her users?”

The helpers of Designing firm “Lighthouse” didn’t unveil or discuss anything about the work or help which Smathan going to do for her Samsung users.

While there is one more question getting highlighted and thet is “Does Samantha a Sansung virtual assistant is a replacement of Bixby?”

Well, there is no certain answer to this question from the Lighthouse helpers. Users are claiming that Sam much looks like a character Pixy.

Why is Samantha trending?

The reason behind her getting trending is her lucrative looks and beauty which is attracting users. The virtual assistant is seeming glamorous to Samsung users.



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