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Who Is Salvador Ramos? Dead Or Alive? 14 Students, 1 Teacher Dead Shooting Texas


Who Is Salvador Ramos? Dead Or Alive? 14 Students, 1 Teacher Dead Shooting Texas: Who is Salvador Ramos? If you are seeking the answer to this question then this article is for you. Salvador Ramos was a teenage boy who was killed by the police during a shootout. But why police killed him? According to Gov. Abbott, Salvador Ramos killed several school students and adult people on Tuesday. Salvador Ramos’s mishap is unforgettable and his sins were unbearable that is why police have to kill him shortly after the shooting event happened at Robb Elementary School. There is a lot more to learn about the Robb Elementary School shooting event in this article. You are advised to read down every section of this column. After doing a brown study on Salvador Ramos and Robb Elementary shooting event we prepared this article. Have a look below. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Salvador Ramos Grandmother

Who Is Salvador Ramos?

Salvador Ramos was an 18 years old high school boy who brutally killed 18 students of Robb Elementary School and also reportedly shot two police officers during the shootout. According to the statement released by the Texas government, Salvador Ramos was a resident of Uvalde and he used to study at Uvalde High School. When the shooting incident occurred at the school it was difficult to identify the identity of the shooter. When police successfully took him down during the shootout they identified him as Salvador Ramos and started unfolding the pages of his history. After doing an investigation about the suspect police found that he also killed his grandmother before visiting Robb Elementary School on Tuesday morning. Keep reading to fetch more about him.

Salvador Ramos Death or Alive?

According to the source, 18 years old, Salvador Ramos murdered his grandmother and later he took the lives of 18 innocent students. Apart from killing more than 20 people he also injured a few people with his gun. But all the injured individuals have been taken to the hospital and reportedly all are out of danger. As mentioned Salvador Ramos shot and injured two police officers during the shootout, they are also in stable condition right now.

Salvador Ramos: 14 Students, 1 Teacher Dead

The injured were taken to San Antonio for emergency treatment. The suspect’s hometown Uvalde is 85 miles distant from the west of San Antonio. After the preliminary investigation police reported that the gunman was armed with a rifle. However, the motive behind the shooter’s action has not been confirmed yet. Stay tuned to this website for further development in Robb Elementary School shooting event news.

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