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Who Is Sadaat Johnson, Father Tells 4-Year-Old To Shoot At Police


Who Is Sadaat Johnson, Father Tells 4-Year-Old To Shoot At Police: Salt Lake City police officer has arrested a man whose name is Sadaat Johnson and it has come to know that he ordered his son to shoot at police officials after an argument over a wrong order placed by a McDonald’s employee. And this argument led to his arrest by the police officers. This news is creating a buzz on social media as it was very strange when a father ordered his son to shoot a police officer. Find out more about him in the given below section of this article. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Sadaat Johnson

Who Is Sadaat Johnson?

Saddat is a young man who is 27 years of age and he hails from Utah. And he is in the headlines since his arrest news broke out on the internet. This incident is of Midvale and he has been held at Salt Lake City Sherriff’s Office. All this was started from a very little argument which later turned into a big misdeed. Johnson placed an order through the drive-thru at McDonald but in return, he received a wrong order, and employees of McDonald’s even told him to pull over his order so they can fix the issue. Read the further section to get the further details of this trending subject of the internet.

Sadaat Johnson McDonald’s Shooting Update

This is a matter of 21st Feb 2022 when he got a misplaced item in his order and then he furiously brandished a firearm to the Midvale McDonald’s employee and the employee even promised him to fix the issue but he did not calm down and when the matter became serious employee informed the police and within no significant time police officers surrounded Johnson when he was pulling over his vehicle but police officers shocked when Johnson’s 4 years old son shoot at the officers from the back seat of the car.


Luckily, the bullet passed by just touching the police officer’s body which gave only minor wounds. According to the Wavy, a person claimed that Johnson ordered his son to shoot at the police officer. According to the sources we have got to know that Sadaat is in police custody and threatening the people with a dangerous firearm and felony of child abuse are charges levied on him. And currently, he is being detained by the police officer at Salt Lake City Sherriff’s Office. Stay connected with us for more details and updates.

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