Who is Sabrina Prater, TikTok conspiracy explained: We are here with the news about the Tik Tok star Sabrina Parter as one of his video is getting viral and many of his followers are passing hatred to him. He was using Tik Tok to share his videos on it but now he is receiving hatred. You guys are might getting impatient to know what is inside the video that is getting viral and people are commenting hatred on his video. So in the article below, we will be going to update you with complete information. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Sabrina Prater Flint Michigan

Who is Sabrina Prater?

He is on Tik Tok with a handle @sabrinaorater625 and he has a great number of followers. He has been getting famous due to the new video he posted on his Tik Tok account. So as per the sources and his Tik Tok account he loves to decrease s up like women and in one of his videos, he has been seen in a girl’s attire. So his real name is Franklin Prater which is being investigated on social media platforms. His video is now shared by the user on other platforms also and everyone is going their different opinion on the same.

Where is Sabrina Prater?

The background in a video has been seen with the cameras and the Unkempt room. He loves to show the world that he loves dressing up as a woman. So in a video, we can see him in a attires of girls. He posted his video on @sabrinaparter625 and this account he has been made two days ago and right now he has huge amount followers. As after posting a video to get viral and he has gained followers. But he used to post his content in his previous account also. His fans and followers are speculated that he might have been in a dangerous and there is something terrible. So two days ago he posted his video which is now crossed 607 K views and 1654 likes.


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He is 34 years old and now he becomes a bit famous after he posted his feminine video. He has 188.6 K followers on Tik Tok and over 1.8 million likes on this account. So there are a number of comments about him and thees are being circulated on social media platforms. As per the sources he might have been gone for surgery but this isn’t confirmed yet. People are judging him as per their own opinions.  So all we wanna say that just treat him like an entertainer as he is trying to make everyone laugh and smile.

Sabrina Prater

Sabrina Prater


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