Who is Sabrina Prater, What Happened To Missing Tiktok Star Franklin Prater Flint Michigan?: Sabrina Parter is well known Tik Tok star with the username of @sabrinaprater625. He has gathered a huge fan following based on the videos where he expressed himself as a girl, Sabrina Parter is a well-recognized Tik Tok star, he is best known for his videos dressed as a girl. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Sabrina Prater Flint Michigan

Who is Sabrina Prater Flint Michigan?

His videos are available on Tik Tok if we follow him there, he has over 100k likes and has views in every Tik Tok video of his. It seems like she is missing, he has over 165k followers and about 1.8 Million likes on the Tik Tok account. Sabrina Prater uploads dancing videos on the Tik Tok page, he enjoys what he does and what he is not ashamed of and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

TikTok Star Sabrina Prater625 Age Instagram

If he is making people smile and laugh through his videos and is harming no one while doing it, it just shows that he is a great actor, he can act like a girl which cannot be said by every actor so he has a talent and he has channelized his potential where it matters and Tik Tok seems to be the perfect fit for his content and he has made a name for himself.

Franklin Prater is the actual name of SabrinaPrater625 on Tik Tok after he chose to dress like a girl, he also decided to change his name from Franklin to Sabrina which is completely fine, if he likes it then who is to question. Sabrina is a beautiful name for the girl and it also suits his appearance. He was earlier banned from Tik Tok for breaking the rules and regulations of nudity-related content but it seems like he is back again, four days ago.

Has Sabrina Prater625 Gone For Surgery?

He has not gone for surgery as of this point in time. In addition to this, he has not shared any of his plans on getting the surgery and according to his Tik Tok profile, he is at the age of 34 and he has been dressing up as a girl from a young age, he has accepted himself for who he is and he feels that the dress has further enhanced his beauty.

There are people who seem to be judging the person for his choices, thinking that why would a guy acts as if he wishes to be a girl, as we see it, he is just an entertainer who is making people smile and laugh all over the world through the platform and he is doing no harm to anyone or himself.

TikTok conspiracy explained

Sabrina Prater is a well-known and renowned Tik Tok star who is hitting the headlines nowadays after being reported missing. Yes, you read it right that a famous Tik Tok star with the username @sabrinaprater625 went missing for some time. His fans are curious to know what happened to him and how is he? He has a massive fan following for his videos in which he dressed up as a girl and expressed himself as a girl. Several people are searching for him online as he didn’t share anything for many days so his fans are speculating that he is missing. In this article, we have come with some comprehensive details about the Tik Toker.

As per the sources, the video-sharing platform Tik Tok has been investigating the security of Tik Toker Sabrina Prater. His fans are worried about him. Sabrina’s Prater’s actual name is Franklin Prater. In his TikTok bio, he mentioned that he likes to explore the feminine side of him by dressing up as a girl. Recently, he started exploring his identity on the platform. Before sharing his videos on his current TikTok account, he shared his content on another account but it was abruptly stopped.

What Happened To Missing Tiktok Star Franklin Prater Flint Michigan?

Currently, his fans are thinking that something wrong has happened to him as he was receiving hatred on his videos on TikTok. He made his last post two days ago which has gained more than 1654 likes along with 607k views. However, the ‘Sabrina Prater Conspiracy’ started following her missing report a week ago. As per the netizens’ speculations, Sabrina has been kidnapped by his online haters. He is 34 years old from Flint, Michigan. Some of his fans are also getting furious as the police authorities are not focusing on his conspiracy.

Some sources claimed that earlier, he was banned from Tik Tok as he broke the rules and regulations of nudity-related stuff. There is also some news that he has gone for some surgery. But, we would like to tell you that he has not gone for any kind of surgery. He didn’t share anything regarding his surgery. As per his profile, he likes to dress up as a girl from a very young age. It is yet to be confirmed whether he is actually missing or not. We are waiting for the official statement regarding his missing case. Stay tuned with us for more updates.


  1. No harm to himself or others? Maybe look a little more into him amd ehile you’re at it look for the very visible track marks on him in his videos, look at the state of his residence that he houses animals and one of his four children in, look outside TikTok and see the people hes harmed in his scamming. No one cares if he wants to dress up but he’s a scamming drug addict who submits his animals and atleast one of his children to disgusting and deplorable conditions and exposure to his durg lifestyle. people close to him have also come out and stated how he would use his own children to scam people.

  2. this was the worst article i’ve ever read. you kept repeating he’s known for dressing as a girl. ok… what about his horrible living situation? his house is a trash bin. why doesn’t he try cleaning it up instead of smoking and drinking while making tiktok dancing videos over and over. and maybe donate his dog to a loving family with better living conditions because in every video it looks like the dog is needing something like food and water. also he looks like a serial killer. i hope the police checked out his crack house and made sure no killing or torturing was going on there.

  3. What about the split screen which appears to be camera in other rooms? Anyone else notice they look like girls ??
    Is he holding them hostage ??
    What the hell is going on in that house !?

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