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Who Is Ruby? Jamie Lee Curtis Introduces Her Transgender Daughter To The World


A very bold step is taken by a mother who gives inspiration to others who feel shy about the real identity and choices of their children. The Halloween actress Jamie Lee Curtis recently gives an exclusive interview with AARP in which she unveils shocking truth about one of her children. The interview was released on Wednesday, 28th July 2021 in which the actress is talking about her childhood, her filming career as well as her daughter Ruby. Jamie Lee Curtis who is currently 62 years old unveils that the interview was held with the permission of her daughter Ruby. After hearing the news the admirers are keen to know more about the transgender daughter of Jaime.


Who Is Ruby?

In the interview, she disclosed that her youngest child transitioned into a female and changed her name to Ruby. Before post-transition Ruby knows as Thomas Guest. After learning the sensational news the fans are curious to know more about Ruby and here we are with some details of her.

Everything We Know About Ruby

She is the daughter of the Halloween actress Jamie and her father’s name is Christopher Guest. As per the report, the 25-year-old Ruby was the male at the time of birth and was previously known by the name of Thomas. Though The Halloween actress found huge success in the show biz, not her single children followed her filmy career. In 1995 Christopher and Jaime adopted Ruby and by a profession, Ruby is a computer gaming editor.

Ruby is not that vocal about herself and likes to live a private life as not a single social media accounts are found on the internet. Apart from this Jamie Lee Curtis did not share much information about her daughter Ruby but she further added that Ruby is getting married next year to her fiancee.

Curtis said that she will officiate the marriage ceremony. In the year 2019 Ruby had uploaded and shared a photograph along with her girlfriend, though it is not much known that the duo is still together.

Jamie Lee Curtis Speaks About The Transition Of Her Daughter 

Talking about the transition of her daughter, Jamie given a statement that she and her husband watched in pride and wonder as our son now turned into a daughter.” She further said that she discarded the “old idea” that the gender is fixed at the time of birth and loving the idea of “constant metamorphosis.”  Jaime is always been a great supporter of the LGBTQ community and vocal about it.

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