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Who is Rosie Mattio? bodybuilder mom swaps alcohol for cannabis, Age, Instagram explored


Rosie Mattio in the fitness championship. She is a blessed mother of four daughters and also an employee of a marketing company. Fitness is her passion and she use to give her free time to fitness. Being a mother and an employee she still manages to hold a trophy in her hand. She proved that a passion can make you get what you creamed for. But for this, you need dedication and switch your bad habits into good ones. Who is Rosie Mattio?

Rosie Mattio

Who is Rosie Mattio?

She use to be a wake up early in the morning around 4:30 pm she covers meters and lifted heavyweights, six days a week.¬† She was so dedicated to her fitness and she took a decision to win a bodybuilding championship. For this, she swapped alcohol to cannabis which helped her a lot in her journey and she finally made her win her first bodybuilding competition. Well as per Dr, Jordan Tishler, Cannabis is a good source of the energy and this helped to boost up the immune system also.”

Once she feels that the more she is neglecting her diet the more issues she has been faced to be asleep. Then she finally popped a gummy I has moth and slept the whole night. Then she realized that this is the .indication that she must need to intake cannabis in some other form. Thus she shifted to drink cannabis beverages and swapped the alcohol.

She was fond of having alcohol but when her trainer told her to start counting her calories more closely she decide to skip the alcohol. Well, this wasn’t easy for her as it looks. It was her dedication and passion which helped her to swapped alcohol from cannabis.

Mattio was given a statement in which she says that “when I felt hungry then I used to intake healthy meals including oats and other healthy food items. But more importantly, I skipped intaking alcohol. And tried to avoid using my carbs up on alcohol.”

She also said that “this one is the most memorable journey of my life and I will never ever going to forget¬† a journey when I held up a trophy in my hand.” Cannabis is the best way to keep me energetic. She is also training to run a New York Marathon.

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