Home Entertainment Who Is Romana Didulo, Is Qanon Queen of Canada Arrested? Revealed

Who Is Romana Didulo, Is Qanon Queen of Canada Arrested? Revealed


Who Is Romana Didulo, Is Qanon Queen of Canada Arrested? Revealed: Romana Didulo who claims to be the queen of Canada has ordered followers to kill anyone trying to vaccinate children, Romana Didulo is a British-Columbian woman in her 50s who claims to be the Queen of Canada, she has more than 20,000 followers on Telegram, it is a messaging platform favored by the far-right and Qanin figures. According to Vice, Romana told her 70,000 followers that ‘duck-hunting season is open’, in the message, she is referring to the healthcare workers, politicians, and journalists as ducks. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Romana Didulo

Who Is Romana Didulo?

She is a British-Columbian woman who claims to be the queen of Canada, Didulo is a conspiracy theorist who has been gaining thousands of followers online, many of them seem to be supporting her attempt to stop the proliferation of Covid vaccinations. There are no details that have been about Romana Didulo as of now on Wikipedia. She seems to be currently trending on social media as she ordered her supporters to ‘shoot to kill’ anyone who is vaccinating children.

Is Qanon Queen of Canada Arrested?

There have been no official reports about the arrest of Qanon Queen of Canada, there have been rumors surfacing on social media regarding her arrest following her orders to kill anyone who is trying to vaccinate children, the news about her order seems to be trending on social media and people are starting to get worried.

The situation has gotten pretty serious as of this point in time, one of her followers posted a picture with firearms, this has caused panic among the general public and they are asking the government to seriously look into the situation. She issued an order to the soldiers of her kingdom of Canada’s Military.

She has also ordered her followers to hold and detain these traitors at hospitals, airports, stadiums, schools, and other public venues where they are spotted until they all get executed via firing squad or hanging. It seems like her followers are pledging support for her initiative.

It seems the health care workers have been receiving death threats now, it seems like she has been immature in telling her followers to do this, this is harassment to another level and because of this, there are going to be many who will be held responsible for something they haven’t even done.

This needs to be stopped and there should be strict action which should be taken by the authorities over the woman, there is a horrific incident waiting to happen, it is better for the authorities to realize what is happening and act upon it in the coming days and weeks.

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