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Who Is Robert Lindsey Moore, Glenna White Murder Suspect Arrested By Police


Who Is Robert Lindsey Moore, Glenna White Murder Suspect Arrested By Police: A suspect of murder is finally arrested after 12 years. As per the latest report, Robert Lindsey Moore (50-years-old) is a cold-blood psychopath responsible for the assassinations of two young women in Lexington. After serving his time for the demise of Virginia, he wasted no time in securing his 2nd sufferer. This time, authorities were not so capable to search his traces as he covered himself well. After twelve years of searching, he finally got apprehended in the month of December 2021. Now, he is waiting for his jail conviction for the 2nd time. Let’s get to know more about the case. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Robert Lindsey Moore

Robert Lindsey Moore Arrested In Glenna White Murder Case

Robert Lindsey Moore got apprehended on Friday, 17th December 2021 for the assassination of Glenna White. He got charged for his crimes 12 years after he committed them. Us marshalls sentenced the man on charges of aggravated rape and killing. In the year 2009, he gave the teen a ride to her house but instead of dropping her, he went on to rape and kill her in cold blood.

Relatives of the litigator watched him an hour later covered in mud and blood but never reported the incident. Unfortunately, her body has still not able to be recovered. After the cold murder case opened, a search party got dispatched, hoping to search her body. They even used cadaver dogs. Till now, there is still no progress.

Who is Robert Lindsey Moore?

Robert Lindsey Moore is an American man who hails from the United States. Obviously, it is not his first offense. Deep diving into his past, prosecutors discovered that he got sentenced for the homicide of 22 years old Virginia Lecorchick in the year 1993. Likewise to White, she got beaten to his demise.

The jury convicted him to 10 to 25 years in jail. Fortunately, her body was discovered in Lake Berlin by summer at Lexington Township and came back to her family.

Does Robert Lindsey Moore Have A Wife?

Robert Lindsey Moore is not tied to the wedding knot as of 2021. As he spends most of his youth in jail, it would be a surprise if he had a wife. To be sure, he looks like to have a liming to younger girls as his sufferers are girls below the age of 25 years old.

Apart from this, he shares a close relationship with his family as they abstain from reporting his crimes even after viewing his bloodied figure on the day of the assassination. As the trial pursues, we will search more about his whereabouts for the last 12 years, along with his hiding places.

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