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Who is Regina Turner? Why Dr. Han Jo Kim Divorcing Regina Turner, Age, Instagram, Photos


There has been a bizarre case as there has been a divorce which has happened between one of the top surgeons in the city of New York and his beautiful wife as they settled their divorce on Monday, the case is being stated as bizarre as the reason of the divorce is that he has claimed that she has been a hooker and is moonlighting as one of the call girls who are high priced, and it seems like that Dr. Han Jo Kim who is a specialist surgeon and Miss USA Regina Turner have met their end in front of a public hearing that was scheduled for 10:00 am is going to be taking place and it has been confirmed by Lucian Chalfen who is the state office spokesman.

Regina Turner

Who is Regina Turner?

The settlement was pretty swift which consisted of a 264-page filing that took place in Manhattan in Supreme Court and it has been stated by Kim who is 41 years old that his wife who is 32 has pocketed about 700,000 dollars which is in cash since 27th November in the year 2015, he decided to file a divorce in the year 2020 as he found a text of a man which he found out in the computer in their upper east side home which has been stated in the complaint which was filed this month in the supreme court of Manhattan.

Who is Dr. Han Jo Kim Wife Regina Turner?

The records that he has shown consist of 675,030 which are in cash deposits since the year 2015 to 2020 and many of the cheques are directed towards the real estate executive of New Jersey and also a UK-based lighting company which has been stated in the document.

It has also been stated in the documents that his wife told her that she was a part of a tech start-up as she was trying to cover up her secretive work of sex as she stated that the tech startup is the reason for her venture funding capital and he further stated that she used to say that she is going to meet her girlfriends and used to say that she has to travel for work.

The case has become pretty famous on the internet and it seems like people are digging in about the couple’s history and it seems like that the case is getting too much attention which can be really hard for the couple to deal with.

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