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Who is Queen Naija sister Tina Frost? Instagram Feud Between The Two Sister’s Explored!


Another dramatic news of Singer Queen Naija is coming into the highlights because of his personal fights with her own sister Tina Frost. Naija is the most prominent and well-known singer and YouTuber. She is gaining so much popularity and fame for his amazing work. The singer is a young mom of a son. Recently, she came into everyone’s eyes for the quarrel with her sister. Her sister is also a YouTuber. Both sisters have taken their personal issues on social media. Through this post, our viewers will come to know about the whole matter and also about both sisters’ professional and personal life.

Queen Naija

Who is Queen Naija sister Tina Frost?

We would like to tell you that how this drama started. Recently, the singer has posted a picture at the time of his son’s graduation. In the picture, Naija is with her son CJ and the current boyfriend whose name is Clarence White. When his ex-husband finds this post of her, Chris Sail (ex-husband) came on Instagram and revealed that the singer didn’t inform him that his son has completed his graduation. Chris Sails is a YouTuber. He mainly uploads pranks, challenging, and life routine videos.

If we talk about Queen Naija then she is an American singer, songwriter, and YouTuber. She was born on 17 October 1995 in Ypsilanti, Michigan. She revealed her background as a mix of “Arab, Italian, and Black” but she also described herself as Indian. Her mother gave her the name “Queen Naija”. Her father belongs to Yemen. She follows her grandmother. However, she started her career as Vlogger on the YouTube platform. After that, she participated in a singing reality named “American Idol Season 13”. The singer was unable to take her place in the Top 30.

On the other hand, Najia’s sister, Tina Frost is a YouTuber and comedian. Her surname Frost is maybe self-created or actual. She also has a YouTube channel named “TNT Squad”. On her YouTube channel, she uploads various videos including comedy, vlogs, her life routine. Recently, she got into a fight with her sister Queen Naija. Now, the fight between the sisters has taken place on Internet. Tina is uploading their dirty laundries and exposing family secrets in public. To know more about this, stay tuned wth us.

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