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Who is Puredi Hillary? Rancho Cucamonga Pastor Arrested, Accused Abusing A Young Girl For Years!


The humanity of people is dead, girls or women are only considered as the objects of consumption. It may sound strange to hear or read but one reputed “apostle” is being accused of sexually exploiting a 9-year-old girl for many years. This shameful news is coming from California where a senior “apostle” or missionary who is the co-founder of the church which is in Southern California has been apprehended for reportedly sexual and physical abuse of a minor girl.

Puredi Hillary

Who is Puredi Hillary?

The name of the perpetrator is Puredi Hillary who is 67 years old was being accused of physically abusing the girl child for a period of 3 years. Her physical abuse was started when she was just nine years old. The accused has been charged on the apprehension of continuous sexual abuse of a minor girl and transgressing lewd and lecherous acts with a child who is under the age of fourteen. Puredi Hillary is in the custody with his warrant set at around $350,000.

In the month of April 2021, the Sheriff officials at the San Bernardino County Police Department have received a call from a 14-year-old minor girl who claimed that she was facing sexual abuse from the young age of 9 years till the age of 12 years. An investigation after making her complaint found that Puredi Hillary is the main suspect of this crime. In the month of May 2020, Roy Shoop, Oklahoma cowboy pastor was also apprehended for raping 3 minor girls within the pretext of providing training for the local competition.

Hillary is the co-founder of the Chruch Shiloh Tabernacle which is in Rancho Cucamonga where he was serving his duty as an “apostle”. As mentioned on the website of the church, Puredi was “saved” as a child and he has been performing his duty or serving Jesus from the year 1990. In the year 2001, he founded the church ministry along with his wife Ruth Hillary. The church is located on Archibald Avenue which is towards the east of LA.

However, it is not found yet how the minor girl came in touch with Puredi Hillary. At the same time, the church is not yet issued any official statement regarding the apprehend. The official website of the Shiloh Tabernacle church has been suspended currently but earlier explanations of the institution made few supernatural claims. Puredi Hillary will appear in front of the court on Monday, 26th July 2021. The police department has made a public appeal to contact Detective Rachel Young at (909) 387-3615 if any information related to Hillary or about the investigation.

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