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Who Is Police Chief Larry Scirotto, Florida Officer Fired Over Racism Allegations


Who Is Police Chief Larry Scirotto, Florida Officer Fired Over Racism Allegations: Recently, a piece of news was circulated on the internet that Larry Scirotto was fired for favoring non-white officers. He was from Florida where he was appointed at the Fort Lauderdale Police Department in August 2021. He worked very well, his employees were happy with him. His boss appreciated him for his great work but after a year, he was fired for his discriminatory practices. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Larry Scirotto

Police Chief Larry Scirotto Florida Officer Fired

When this news came out on social media and on sites then the whole internet was shocked. Many responses were coming from all over the world. The internet has been massively divided regarding his way of assuring fewer white officers in the officers. Sometimes he has praised him for his great work.

According to the New York Post, Larry Scirotto was removed after an initial inquiry found him guilty of using discriminatory employment tactics to hire more nonwhite cops. Similarly, while gazing at a section of a wall with images of the department personnel, Larry scolded the staff structure, remarking, that wall is too white.

Who is Larry Scirotto?

Karry Scirotto, a former officer with the Fort Lauderdale Police Department in Florida, was fired for employing new cops in a discriminatory manner. Larry also screamed at the available employees, saying that the wall was too white. Scirotto, who is 48 years old, made foolish and illegal hiring decisions after employing race-based hiring and promotion techniques, which are racism.

Regarding this CNN wrote: The city of Fort Lauderdale has fired its police chief Larry Scirotto who has been in office for less than a year, following allegations of discriminatory practices for promotions.

On Thursday, Scirotto was fired from the department head. One who terminated him said the reason that his ill conduct. He was a former assistant chief at the Pittsburg department and later moved to Florida station. Larry Scirotto was the first person who has been called a gay and mixed-race police officer.

He was fired because of solid proof. The allegations imposed on him were racism. And that was technically proven. He conducts illegal practices in hiring and promoting the nonwhite staff while critically demolishing the rightful earning of white officers. As a result, the deserving candidate was driven over the edge of the cliff, while several less deserving officers were given the easy summit ascent. Follow this site to get the latest updates.

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