There has been a proud moment for the athlete Penny Oleksiak and also for the country Canada as she has won the bronze medal in the 200 meter Women’s freestyle which she has won at the Tokyo Olympics on Wednesday, and she has made history as this is has become the sixth career medal for Oleksiak and this has made her the most decorated Olympian of the country.

Penny Oleksiak

Who is Penny Oleksiak?

She stated in an interview that it is just crazy and weird as she is just 21 years old and she has won so much in her career as of this point and it seems like that there are going to be many more medals that she is going to win in her future, She has won her first medal at the age of 16, she won a gold medal in the 100-meter freestyle, then she won a silver medal in the 100-meter butterfly and then she also won two bronze which she won 5 years ago in Rio De Janerio.

Penny Oleksiak  Wins Bronze In 200m Freestyle


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She is going to have many more chances to become the most celebrated athlete in the country as she is going to be racing a 100-meter freestyle, she also has a 4 x 200 freestyle relay and is also going to have a medley relay, The athlete is on a magical run and it seems like that she still has many prime years to win many more medals and by the looks of it she is going to be considered one of the most decorated athletes in the world if she is going to keep on her fitness levels like this.

Penny Oleksiak Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Name Penny Oleksiak
Full Name Penelope Oleksiak
Profession Swimmer
Age 21
Height 1.86 m (6 ft 1 in)
Weight 68 kg
Boyfriend Not Revealded
Birth Place Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Instagram @typicalpen
Current City Toronto, Canada
Nationality Canadaian

Her prime years are still in front of her and it seems like that the athlete is in shock as in the interview that she gave, she was in shock to see her progress and how much has she done and won in at just the age of 21 years and it seems like that she is going to keep getting better in the coming years, her prime years are in front of her and people are talking that she is not going to stop at this point and it has to be said that she is a natural talent and her hard work has made her one of the best athletes in the world as she has converted her potential into a reality.


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