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Who Is Patty Breton, Why was Playboy Model Patty Breton Arrested? Details Explained


Who Is Patty Breton, Why was Playboy Model Patty Breton Arrested? Details Explained: The cases of disturbances in the flights are constantly increasing and hundreds of people are charged with these crimes. Many of them landed themselves in the prison and some have to pay the heavy fine for that. Not only the common people but sometimes popular faces have also faced charges for causing a disturbance in the flights. In this lineup, Patty Breton, an ex-Playboy model, and the protagonist of “Baywatch” faced the accusation of beginning a fight onboard a Delta Airlines flight that landed in Atlanta, wounding passengers and crew members. The entire incident is viewed in the footage below, in which she instructs an older male passenger to “mask up” and not only this, she slapped him too. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Patty Breton

Who Is Patty Breton?

Patty Breton is an ex-model and actress who has come up in movies including “Baywatch” (released in the year 1989), “Playboy: Cheerleaders” (released in the year 1997), and “Married…With Children” (released in the year 1987). She was also sentenced to spitting and striking on a passenger who brawled her analogy on a Delta flight from Tampa to Georgia on 23rd December 2021.

Patty Breton

Why was Playboy Model Patty Breton Arrested?

Though Patricia Cornwall, the lady in this narrative, is NOT the author, Patricia Cornwell, whose last name is spelled differently. The records of the Federal court give her name as Patricia Yannet Cornwall. On Facebook, she goes by the name Patty Cornwall. According to the records of the Federal court, she is alleged of evoking the name of civil rights icon Rosa Parks.

Patty Breton

In the video footage, a lady recognized as Cornwall by the records of the court is watched exchanging altercations with an older male passenger. During their heated conversation, her mask is down. She is instructed to put her mask on by the flight attendant. As per the video footage, the man also called her a b**ch, and in this retaliation, she punched him in the face. The man get furious and said, “You are going to prison as soon as we get to Atlanta.” The man claimed she spit on him.

Patty Breton Charges 

As per the documents of the court, Patrica Yannet Cornwall, a lady thought to be Patty Breton, could be charged with a likely violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 13 (a) (4). Patrica Yannet Cornwall assaulted R.S.M in the US’ special aircraft jurisdiction by beating, striking, or wounding him.

Patty Breton Age

The age Patty Breton comes up to be in her mid- 20s based on her photos. Her actual age and birthdate have not been disclosed at present. In California, she has been recognized as a real sales associate.


Former actress Patty Breton got arrested and she has been charged with assault for a wild flight with a fellow Delta Airlines passenger that has gone viral on social media, former actress Patty Breton who is at the age of 51, has gone viral on social media and not for a good reason. The real name of Patty is Patricia Cornwall, she got into a heated fight with a fellow passenger on a Delta Airlines flight from Tampa, Florida to Atlanta in Georgia on 23rd December, the video of the incident is showing a maskless Patty standing up arguing with a male passenger.

She was seated and she was not wearing a mask, they both hurled insults at each other, at one point in time, the male passenger called Patty a “Karen”, Patty slapped the passenger in the face, the video shows that he was saying,  “you are going to jail. That’s assault”, the flight attendants stepped in and escorted Patty away from the male passenger. Patty got arrested and charged with assault after landing in Atlanta, according to the New York Post, she has been released on a $20,000 bond, a judge ruled that she could only fly to return home to Los Angeles.

  • Patty Breton is a former actress

Patty is a former actress who has appeared on two episodes of television in the year 1996, according to her IMDB page, she played Petra on Baywatch in season 7 when it comes to episode 2, she also appeared on Married With Children, she also played Pilgrim girl in “Calendar Girl” in episode 16 of season 10.

  • Patty Breton did playboy

Patty appeared in two Playboy video documentaries in the year 1997, she was in Playboy: Women behaving badly and Playboy: Cheerleaders, both as herself, she has done no acting or Playboy appearances since then, has been shown on her IMDB page.

  • Patty Breton was an NFL cheerleader

Patty was also a cheerleader in the NFL, in the early 1990s, she was a member of the Raiderettes, the cheerleading squad for the then-Los Angeles Raiders, the team now goes by the Las Vegas Raiders, it seems to be unclear as to how many NFL seasons Patty was a cheerleader for. There might be updates on the story in the coming days and weeks, we are going to be on our toes in order to provide you with further details as soon as something comes under our radar regarding the story.

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