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Who is Param Sharma? Man arrested for driverless Tesla on autopilot, Father, Parents, Wiki, Bio, Net Worth!


Param Sharma is the most hated boy on the social media platform “Instagram”, he is again in the media attention. Sharam an influencer who has been caught in the backseat of tesla, attempt something shocking and dangerous which raises a safety question for the public and this incident has been captured on the camera, while the videos have been shared by him just after he released from jail.

Param Sharma

Who is Param Sharma?

Param Sharam was continuously spotted at the backseat of his Tesla car model S, without a driver at his front seat of the car, he used to control the steering with the help of his feet. This dangerous and lethal event was performed by him in San Francisco by taking advantage of the autopilot feature or a system of Tesla. While the company along with ready safety authorities has been reprimanded against the misemploy of the autopilot feature.

Telsa Website has been stated after this incident that, “Autopilot is a hands-on automated vehicle which is leading to be controlled and managed by the driver, which has led to indicate Tesla not being a self-driving car.” Before allowing autopilot feature, a driver must be handling steering wheel all the time while driving and a driver must be responsible for moving a car with his hands even after enabling a feature of autopilot.” 0.3Where as there is a law in California that “even being inĀ  autopilot car a driver must handle steering wheels with his hands.”

Param Sharma Wiki, Bio, Net Worth

Name Param Sharma
Nickname Param
Born Yet To Update
Marital Status Single
Profession Social Media Influcer
Age 25 Years
Net Worth 5$ US Dollars
Mother Name Pammi
Instagram @goldcollarlavish
Father Name Sikha Sharma
Religion Hindu
Birth Place America
Nationality American

California Highway Patrol has been taking action when Sharam posted various images and videos on his social media account. He got arrested on May 10, 2021, on Interstate 80. As per the statement given by CHP, “Param was charged for driving heedlessly and also for disrespecting an officer, into the Santa Rita Prison.”

He got arrested on May 10o and was released on the same day, While on May 11 he had been posted a video in which we can see the stated that, “I’m going to sit on a back seat of my Tesla, can you guys feel me? Well, I have to wait to get my car charged.”

Later he doesn’t stop here and shared a screenshot of his Instagram story by wrote a caption in which he used to talk about the Tesla autopilot feature. While on the other hand company and government are strict;.u and completely against his heedless behavior. As per his action, it has been clear that he has no shame and what he did was lethal.

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