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Who is officer Kingery Tiktok, Why His Insta Account Disappear, Details Explored!


A piece of serious news is currently hitting the headlines of the newspapers as Officer Kingery from Tiktok is a Lawrence, Indiana police cop and also a SWAT member whose TikTok account has been removed from the platform. officer Kingery has recently been eclipsed into the sexual assault charge from the girlfriend he deceived this year. Though the rumour comes out to be false and a trifling criminal indication exposed to stain his image. The case of sexual assault and talks were further dug into the Tiktok platform, directing the adorable dancing cop to temporarily delete his handle from the platform. The indication of the charge came from his ex-girlfriend whose name is Brianna, who he stated had divorced him over the disputes of child delivery.

Who is officer Kingery Tiktok

Who Is Officer Kingery TikTok?

Officer Kingery is an active content creator who used to make videos on video making app. He has danced in many short reels in order to maintain dignity to the post and add respect to the police department. His short videos contents are usually enlightening and portray his funny and jocular sides, the children he dance with, or the community he lay out the happiness at.

Kingery got split with his girlfriend Brianne in the year 2021 following some minor and ubiquitous affair issues. Later on, he spoke about his broke up that the reason for their separation was a dispute related to a child conceiving and birth. Though, Brianne later narrated the forge hype to be a trifling trap set by the officer and added that he sexually assaulted her.

No such proof related to the claim has been put in front, and Kingery has not been apprehended as of now. The claims of sexual assault have not been proved till now and it can be both a dark truth as well as a staining claim.

Reports On Kingery’ Sexual Assault And Content Violation Tour Drama

In the year 2020, the cheating affair first appeared but he coaxed his wife to remain attached. The blame of sexual assault came from the side of ex-girlfriend Brianne, who said that the officer pinned her down and penalized her for no trifling crimes and then sexually violated her. The contents on Tiktok were full of the sexual assault discussion and demands of giving proper narrating to the topic.

Later on, Kingery said that he had not done anything wrong to the sufferer and gave himself a relaxing break from the social media accounts in order to avoid improper hate speeches.

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