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Who is Nya Sigin Minnesota? Prior Lake Racist Video Viral on Social media


Who is Nya Sigin Minnesota? Prior Lake Racist Video Viral on Social media: The entire social media platform is filled with many disturbing videos but one such video is currently drawing the attention and increasing rage amongst the netizens. Distressing racist and bullied video of Nya Sigin from Minnesota surfaced online. Prior Lake High School has been the hot topic of discussion amongst the town ever since the viral video of 2 white chicks. Nya Sigin is a fourteen-year-old girl from Minnesota. She has been the target of racism and accountability for a while. Furthermore, Nya is a freshman pupil at Prior Lake High School. She still has 3 more years in school, and her elder sister, Elizabeth, wants her sister’s rest years to be perfect. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com
Nya Sigin

Who is Nya Sigin Minnesota?

As being an elder sister, it is not bearable to watch all these wrong activities silently. Elizabeth talks on the behalf of her sister, Nya Sigin stated New Yahoo. The administration of the school promised to take serious action against the pupils who have promoted racism inside the school. The authorities are investigating the case. Government should step forward to stop the racism issues that become a bar in the daily life of the children. The kids who were going through racism and bullying orthodox have to be stopped once and for all.

Nya Sigin Minnesota Prior Lake Racist Video

Nya Sigin originally hails from Minnesota. She is a freshman pupil from Park Lake High School stated by KSTP. Allegedly, the 2 white native teenage girls; Jayden Kewley and Jaelyn Crooks, have been identified in the video. The 1-minute video went viral on social media ever since. The Instagram user names Shaun King uploaded the video. The 2 white women, Kewley and Crooks, who harassed Nya Sigin, said N-word to her in the video has left the netizens in rage.

After the video went viral, the friends of Nya are protesting against racism to give her the support that she is not alone. People are protesting against racism and organizing a GoFundMe campaign with the title justice for the Sigin family.

The Family Of Bullied Pupil Nya Sigin

Nya is an adorable girl from Minnesota. We watch the behavior and heart of the people, not the skin color. The generous girl Nya stated that she was the target of the post. Both the sisters, Elizabeth and Nya talks to KSTP in an exclusive interview who reportedly faced this kind of bully and racism. As per the sources, Mariam Youssef is conducting this fundraiser campaign, Justice for the Sigin family, and it has gathered $110,099 out of $100000.


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