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Who is Noor Mukadam? Zahir Jaffer Pakistan’s Ex-Diplomats Daughter Murdered At The Age of 27


There has been a sad demise of a girl who was just 27 years old and it seems like that she was the daughter of an Ex Pakistani Diplomat in Islamabad which has been stated in a report that has been stated on Wednesday, There has been a major clash that has taken place between Afghanistan and Pakistan which has happened over the abduction of the Afghanistan Ambassador’s Daughter which happened in Islamabad.

Noor Mukadam

Who is Noor Mukadam?

And it is being speculated that the murder of the Ex- Diplomat’s daughter has something to do with the incident. The name of the girl is Noor Muakadam who was the daughter of Shaukat Mukadam and she has been found dead in the sector F-7/4 area in the upscale of the capital on Tuesday and this has been reported by Dawn newspaper, in the past, Mukadam has served the country as he was the Pakistani Ambassador to Kazakhstan and South Korea, his daughter has been shot dead which has been stated by the police authorities.

Zahir Jaffer Noor Mukadam Suspect

There is a man naming Zahitr Jaffer who seems to be involved in the murder and he has been arrested by the authorities on the spot and has been taken to the police station for a proper inquiry which has been stated by the Samaa TV who have quoted the police as they took the interview of the authorities.

The killing has been a total shock as it has raised many concerns about the officials that are working with the government and are diplomats as their families are not safe even after they have retired as a professional and this has raised many questions which need to be tackled by the government

There has also been a case of the 26-year-old daughter of Afghanistani’s Ambassador who has been abducted from Islamabad and she was being tortured which has been stated by the Afganistan Foreign office which is just sad to see as the governments and the authorities have stoop down to a level which is shameful as they are targeting each other’s family.

It seems like that the neighboring countries are not at all happy with each other and the situation is getting more and more critical and there should be proper diplomatic talk between the countries as this is just not the right way to carry on with things.

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