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Who is Neha Paswan? Indian Girl Killed For Wearing Jeans Video Goes Viral


There has been a sad demise of a girl as it has been stated that she has been beaten to death by her family members for wearing jeans and the bizarre case has made the headlines, the incident has really been something that put a light on how unsafe the girls are these days and how unsafe the women are in their own homes, The case is about a 17-year-old girl naming Neha Paswan who has been beaten to death by her family members which are her extended family and this has taken place in the state of Uttar Pradesh as they were not appreciating that she is wearing jeans.

Neha Paswan

Who is Neha Paswan?

It has been told by her mother to BBC Hindi that she was beaten with sticks which were done by her grandfather and some uncles as they had an argument over her clothes which happened in their home is Savreji Kharg which is a village in the district of Deoria which is one of the least developed areas when we talk about the state, She took a fast for the day and then she wore jeans and a top as she was performing the rituals and her grandfather was not at all happy about her wearing jeans and it has been stated by her mother that at the time her daughter stated that jeans I meant to wear and she is going to wear it and then the argument kept ongoing.

Indian Girl Killed For Wearing Jeans

After which, things escalated quickly and violence entered the picture, has been stated her mother that she was lying unconscious after the beating and her in-laws picked the girl and stated that they are taking her to the hospital, and then it was known the next morning that the girl is hanging from one of the bridges which were over Gandak river which flows throughout the region and as the investigation proceeded, it was found out that it was Neha.


An FIR has been lodged by the police and they have lodged a case of murder and also a case of destroying the evidence against 10 people which includes the grandparents of the girl, aunts, uncles, cousins, and also the auto-driver, It has been stated by Sriyash Tripathi who is the senior police officer that uncle, auto-driver and grandparents have been arrested and the police are questioning them as of now and are looking for the rest of the accused people.

People are outraging about the incident and it seems like that the situation is out of control as campaigns are being carried out for the girl and rightly so as this is something that is devilish and people are speechless about what has happened, this is simply tragic and the people who are responsible for this should be punished.

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