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Who is Naftali Bennett Becomes Israel’s New Prime Minister Replaces Benjamin Netanyahu


The alliance of the Israeli parties taken a diverse decision on Sunday after expelled the longest-serving Prime Minister of the country, Benjamin Netanyahu and also, moved towards making a new government in an unstable shift in the politics of the country. He was the longest 12-year run Israeli PM that has ended on Sunday due to the parliament’s approval to change the new Government that will be led by Naftali Bennett, who is a tech millionaire and Jewish nationalist. Now, Naftali has taken over the wheel of the eight-party block and he was only shared for the hawkish with the right-wing leader who is known as Bibi.

Naftali Bennett

Who is Naftali Bennett?

The 71-years-old Netanyahu said before his defeat in the aggressive style that if it will be our destiny to become the opposition, so, we will do something with our heads high until the opposition gets down and come back to lead the country with us”.

Naftali Bennett, 49, a former minister of defense in Israeli and a high-tech millionaire was ready to take oath after the vote. It’s the first in Israel’s history that along with the alliances, there are 21% Arab minority in the party. To stop the desire of the Netanyahu era and political stalemate and because of this, a four-time election in two years was held and the right-wing, left-wing, middle, and Arab Parties are likely to be critical for them.

Naftali Bennett Wiki, Net Worth

Name Naftali Bennett
Wife Name Gilat Bennett
Profession Politician
Age 49 Years
Political party New Right
Birth Place Haifa, Israel
Education Yet To Update
Net Worth $10M US Dollars
Religion Christianity
Daughter Name Yet To Update
Nationality Israel

The longest-Israeli prime minister, Netanyahu was PM since 2009 after completing the first trio between 1996 to 1999. But after 2019, he was getting weak in his victory and faced some continued failure in politics. With all of this, because of the corruption allegations, where he has denied doing anything wrong.

According to the alliances deal, Bennet will be got to be replaced as Prime Minister by 57-years-old Yair Lapin after two years in 2023, Now, the new government was formed after the election of March 23, who will handle such big issue like avoid sweeping moves on the hot button issues that are international to get the focus towards the domestic forms of Palestinians.

The new prime minister of Isreal’s Bennett a 49-years-old former etch millionaire and entrepreneur. He has already made millions of dollars before being a part of politics and went deeply into right-wing politics, and nationalist positions. Recently, Bennett called the occupation to the occupied West Bank. The observers of the politics have already noticed that after being in the politics of Isreal in 2013.

According to the details, Bennett was working for Netanyahu from 2006 to 2008 as a senior aide. But, after his good relationship with the former Prime Minister of Isreal, Bennett left the party Netanyahu. When Bennet come into politics, Bennett called himself as the rightwing of the National Jewish Home Part and also, entered into the parliament as representative in 2013.


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