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Who is Mumbai Saga Gangster Amartya Rao (DK Rao) Know Real Story Photos!


A viral personality on the internet whose name is Amartya Rao. He is a very popular gangster in Mumbai. He identifies as a Don in India. Now, Indian filmmakers have announced to make a biopic movie on Amartya Rao’s life. Amartya Rao is also known as D K Rao in Mumbai. Amartya belongs to a very poor family. According to the reports, he took birth in Matunga, Mumbai. He always dreamt to dominate the whole Mumbai city with his powers. In his early life, he pursued thievery in houses, shops, and many places.

Amartya Rao

When he has grown up he started to plunder many banks in his city where he lived. Slowly, he became an expert to rob the banks. After that, he mostly targets the banks to rob. Many times, Police caught him stealing and went to behind the bars. Amartya meets Chota Rajan amid his robbery. Amartya liked the work of Chota Rajan and offered him to join his gang. After that, they both started working together. They both work together for many years. They plundered many businessmen and their company. They also finish so many small gangs and their members.

Once, Chota Rajan got arrested for someone’s murder but Amartya got him released from jail. Amartya always safe him from the blunders. When they both worked together, that time, only two companies were working in Mumbai city. One of the company’s owners was Daud and another one was Chota Rajan’s company. Once, both companies confront and a big fight has begun. That time, Amartya was in jail. Daud and his men planned to kill him in jail but somehow he saves himself from Daud’s men. Daud and his gang planned two times to end Amarty’s life.

When Daud tried to kill him again, Amarta tried to run away from the jail but one of Daud’s gang members shot 7 bullets at DK. But DK survived despite 7 bullets. After that, DK tried to join politics but he got to know that Daud has been chasing him. He decided that he would have to stay in jail. Now, the most prominent director Sanjay Gupta has made a biopic movie on Amartya Rao’s Life in which John Ibrahim is playing the role of DK. Imran Hashmi essays the role of a cop whose name is Vijay Savarkar and Kajal Aggarwal will be seen in the lead role. The movie will be released to be on 19 March 2021. To get more latest updates, bookmark our website.

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