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Who is Muhammad Ali Sadpara? Pakistani Legendary Mountaineer Found Dead On K2


There has been a sad story that has received some updates, the bodies of three climbers naming John Snorri, Juan Pablo Mohr, and Muhammud Ali Sadpara has been found out in K2 on Monday which has been found after 5 months as they were missing, and it has been stated by the Secretary of the Alpine Club Pakistan naming Karrar Haideri that it has been a really difficult job to bring down the bodies of the climbers as they were at a pretty high altitude as he further added that the aviation team in the army have played the important role in bringing the bodies.

Muhammad Ali Sadpara

Who is Muhammad Ali Sadpara?

It has been stated by Haideri that the body of Snorri is going to be taken to Iceland as it has been requested from his wife naming Lina, it has also been decided by the mother and sister of Mohr that his body is going to be sent to Chile.

Muhammad Ali Sadpara Biography

It was stated to Dawn.com by the manager naming Mushtaq Mett of Treks and Tours Pakistan, Mahaburam Expedition, and also mountaineeringĀ  K2 expedition that the first body that was found out was at 11:00 am, the body was found out 400 meters above camp 4 and the body was of Mohr’s.

The second body was found out by the team which was 300 meters away from the Bottleneck and the body was identified to be Sadpara and about 100 meters away they found the body of Snorri, and it has been further stated that the son of Ali Sadpara naming Sajid Sadapara is at camp 4 as of now and he is going to be taken to his father’s body by the rope fixing team.

There was an expedition that was launched by Sajid to find out where the bodies are of the three climbers and he was accompanied by Kaji Sherpa and Elia Saikaly who is a Canadian filmmaker.


After all of the efforts that were taken by the use of satellite imagery, Pakistan Army Helicopters, and even the SAR technology was put in place, after all of it, it was declared that the three climbers have been declared dead on 18th February, there have been many people who have tried to do the trick and this is not the first time that some climbers have died while climbing the dangerous mountain of K2.

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