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Who Is Ms.Hill? MLB Star Trevor Bauer Denies Assault On A Woman, Wiki, Age, Instagram!


Trevor Bauer who has been accused of assaulting a woman has denied the accusation as he has stated that that the woman wanted rough sex, One of the biggest talents in the world of Major league Baseball naming Trevor Bauer has been accused of assaulting a woman as he has stated that he has sexual encounters with the woman in early 2021 as the woman has accused the player of assaulting her as she stated that she has suffered severe emotional and physical pain.


Who Is Ms.Hill?

She has managed to have a restraining order against the player under the act of domestic violence prevention and after the bizarre incident, the all-star player has not come out in front of the media yet with a statement bus his lawyer Jon Fetterolf has given a statement in which he has stated that his client has denied these accusations as she was speaking with TMZ, he stated that the player had a wholly and brief sexual relationship which was initiated by the accuser at the beginning of the month of April in the year 2021 and he further stated that they have messages of the accused that she was asking for rough sex as she has stated in the chat that she wants her to choke her and slap her while having sex.

The identity of the woman has not yet been revealed and she has been identified as Ms. Hill which was mentioned in the legal documents which have been filed by her attorney and according to her, she is expecting criminal charges which need to be filed against the 30-year-old player as she has stated that their goal is to keep Mr.Bauer from contacting the accused in every way possible and she further stated that they are hoping that the law enforcement is going to take their charges seriously but it seems like that the player has denied the accusations as he has claimed that they met online and have has sexual intercourse twice and after that, they never met each other.

It has been stated by the lawyer of Bauer that he has not met the girl for over 6 weeks and he further stated that the accusations are fraudulent and deliberately twisting the facts and has called the accusation to be baseless in every way.

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