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Who is Megan Zalonka? Matt Gaetz paid Instagram model to have s*x, check her Age, instagram, Wiki, Photos!


In an afterparty that took place where Zalonka was present as she prepared lines of cocaine in the party which she did at the counter of the bathroom, The congressman whose background is based in Florida Matt Gaetz was seemingly in trouble over the incident that happened in 2019 which is related to the facade that took place because of Trump as he has reportedly seen with a woman that he knew pretty well as he has been seen leaving for the a resort near a lake naming Westgate which is in Orlando as he is leaving for the afterparty being with that woman, it has been stated by the Daily Beast that Matt Geitz knew that woman pretty well.

Megan Zalonka

Who is Megan Zalonka?

There have been different publications stating that Megan Zalonka is an escort and is also an amateur model who is on Instagram and it has been also reported that he has paid for her services, And the same publication has also stated that there are two witnesses who have spilled all of the beans that Matt Gaetz and Megan Zalonka who is allegedly the spokesperson of the Association  which is for the legalization of cannabis were present in the event happened and it has also been reported that she has been in the escort industry and also an amateur Instagram model.

The one-time wingman of Matt Gaetz has also come forward to identify Zalonka and also 15 other women that Matt Gaetz pays for sex as it has been stated by him only. According to the Daily Beast, it has been reported that Megan Zalonka was also in a relationship with Greenberg and she turned her relationship into a taxpayer-funded no-show job and scammed about 17,500 dollars in that relationship.

Megan Zalonka, Wiki, Bio

Name Megan Zalonka
Nickname Megan
Born May 9, 1997
Relationship Yet To Update
Profession Model
Age 24 Years
Net Worth 50$ US Dollars
Instagram @MeganZalonka
Father Moorey
Mother Wilkes Nosi
Religion Christianity
Birth Place California, U.S
Nationality American

It has been stated by the witnesses that she took the cocaine out of her purse that she was carrying as she rolled it in a bill and joined Gaetz as they both snorted cocaine but the witnesses couldn’t conclude if they had sex or not as one of the witnesses stated that they had a sexual relationship in exchange for money and the witness also stated that this is one of the relationships of Matt Gaetz, he has many other relationships also which he has because of the money that he offers to these girls and when he has been asked about this he has stated that he is not going to comment about these things and he is also not going to leave the position that he is as a Congressman.

He is currently under investigation from the justice department over sex trafficking laws and if he is found to be guilty then he is going to be in huge trouble.

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