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Who is Megan Marie? Tiktok Star Megan Marie’s Tiktok Video About Catching Cheating Boyfriend Goes Viral


There has been a recent video that has gone completely viral on TikTok and it has to e said that the picture can be deceiving for many, the video is about her boyfriend who is cheating on her and the video is getting a lot of attention on the internet, but it seems like that this has not been the first time that such a video has gone viral when we talk specifically about TikTok, there has been a video several months ago which was posted by a user naming love truthing which became completely viral on the platform as in the video the user was exposing her boyfriend who was cheating on her at the time as she went on to glue the conversations on the wall as she took screenshots of it.

Megan Marie

Who is Megan Marie?

She goes by the name of callhermeganmarie if we talk about TikTok and she has posted a video on the internet on the 24th of July as she explained in the video that has she caught her boyfriend who was cheating on her, in the video you are going to see Megan who is going to recall the exchange of text that she had with her boyfriend as she asks her who is he with to which he replied that he watching the Olympics with the boys and says that he is going to meet her tomorrow.

Megan Marie’s Viral Tiktok Video

He even sends a picture to prove that he is not lying and as the video goes by, she explains a minute detail which confirmed that he is cheating on her, the mirrored television was showing two pairs of legs and she even noticed that there are fashioned themed magazines of Chanel which is surely not going to be seen by boys and that gave her the security that he is with some woman, The video has received about 3.1 million views and the fans are pretty curious and are pretty eager to find out about what has happened next.

Any Kind Of Update

On the 26th of July she posted a video as she posted a storytime, she stated that she met him on one of the dating sites and it seems like that they never made things official and were just talking at the time, it has been stated that the text that she received was a joke and they met the next day and went out on a date and stated that he is not a “piece of trash”

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