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Who is Mayra Zulfiqar? Lahore man confesses to killing Pakistani Girl Mayra Zulfiqar Wiki, Instagram, Age, Pics!


As per the statement given by the police, On 3rd May 2021, A Lahori man has confessed to assassinating a British-Pakistani woman. The name of the killer is Zahid Jadoon who has taken into the custody of the police where the police are investigating to know about the relationship with the woman. As per the Police Department, Zahid has confessed his crime and admitted to assassinating Mayra Zulfiqar in Lahore’s DHA at her home. As per the reports that the police have contacted the investigation team which investigated the Motorway rape case of Lahore and asked for their help in this case too.

Mayra Zulfiqar

Who is Mayra Zulfiqar?

On Monday, 3rd May 2021, the dead body of the woman was found in her home which is located in Lahore DHA Phase V. As per the information given by investigating officer, the martyr was basically from the British, and two months back she came to Pakistan. Mayra was living with a buddy in a home. The officer said, “Her body was firstly watched by her maid in her room”. The officer further said, “There were numerous bullet and torture marks were found on her body.”

Mayra Zulfiqar Wiki, Instagram, Age, Pics

The Uncle of Mayra Zulfiqar registered the names of the 4 men in the FIR. The officer further added, “They wanted to make the victim their wife and when she refused the proposal they assassinate her.” The accused also said on the official statement that “I had an argument with Myra when she was inebriated,” He further added, “I assassinate her on 3rd May 2021 in the morning, and her roommate Iqra had known everything about it.”

The murderer said that Myra lying to her family by saying that she is going to Dubai for taking part in an internship program but instead of that she had come to Lahore. From 2019, her family believed that she was in Dubai, and for the past two years, she even not been in a contact with her family. The officer said that the victim used to blackmail the accused by using his videos and in the frustration and tired of her blackmailing the accused killed her and after her assassination the accused was fled away to Islamabad.

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