Recently a video went viral on social media which immediately grab the attention of the social media users and force the authorities to take action against it. Yes, you are right we are talking about the girl whose name immediately grasp the attention “Mayengg03“. The girl tried to get popular on the most popular video-making app TikTok which actually makes her popular but on a negative note. Mayenggo3 shared a gruesome video on her page and the incident that chanced in the beheading video has elevated several questions and many are requesting authorities to take an investigation and serious action against it.


TikTok Girl Gets Head Chopped Off Video

After the video went viral the people are constantly searching about the content creator but there is no much information is available regarding Mayenggo3. As per the sources the Tiktoker shares her dancing video with her followers only but we tried to provide as much information we can gather about her. Mayenggo3 is a popular TikToker who recently gets popular after posting the decapitation video on her TikTok page which went viral on this video-sharing app.

Her residency and nationality are not known as she only posts most of the time ghastly videos on her TikTok page. After uploading the beheading video the TikTok has taken serious action against her TikTok account by proscribing it under the policy of violating the act. She has been also accused to spread violence by using her social media account.

Mayenggo3, Wiki Age, Net Worth

Name Mayenggo3
Real Name Mayengo Thomas
Profession Social Media Influser
Age 20 Years
Parents Yet To Update
Birth Place New York
Instagram Yet To Update
Net Worth $5 Million
Religion Christianity
Boyfreind Yet To Update
Nationality American

As per the information, Mayenggo3 is supposed to be a teenager as she does not have any other social media account aside from TikTok. Her family information is also not available as she doesn’t share much information about her personal life and decides to have an online private life only.

TikTok Girl Head Chopped Off Video of Mayenggo3

Mayenggo3 name is used behind the viral TikTok beheading video. However, the video is immediately deleted from the TikTok app before banning her account but it has been already got viral on other social media platforms which makes the video more popular and viral content which also raised the name of Mayenggo3 and she too gets popular on social media as well. The viral video shows a young teenager who is dancing to the rhythm of the song “I’m going in tonight”. After the lasts few seconds, a panorama of a vicious death is immediately flash on the screen.

In the grisly video which is shared by Mayenggo3, a person was seen chopping the throat of a girl whose hand was tied with the help of rope inner the room in an unrevealed location. The video is not sharing on our page due to the policy action and it is also very dreadful to watch. Hope the investigators soon identified the victim as well as the perpetrators and takes strict action against such a grisly act.


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