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Who is Martice Fuller? Martice Fuller sentenced to life in prison in the murder of Kaylie Juga!


The judge has sentenced Martice Miller to life in prison and gave him no chance for release as he has killed a 15-year-old Kaylie Juga and has injured her mother, This is the moment that has been awaited by the family of Kaylie Juga since it was established that Fuller is the man who has killed their daughter and the family has been waiting for this day when he was announced as guilty.

Martice Fuller

Who is Martice Fuller?

Judge Mary Wagner has stated that she has analyzed the situation and seeing the seriousness of the crime that he has committed, on the count of 1 she gave the judgment that he is going to face life in prison for the deeds that he has committed, Stephanie Juga has also stated that her daughter is gone from her life, she’ll not be able to see her graduate from High school and she is not going to see her getting married and she is not going to see her adopt a child that she always had in her mind, this was stated by her mom in the court.

The attorney of Fuller has stated a letter on the behalf of Fuller that he is really sorry for whatever has happened, he stated in the letter that with all of the hatred that they have for me, he is still really sorry as he is going to stand innocent as he stated that he has not committed the crime, It has been stated that Fuller murdered her prior to their break up that happened earlier, prosecutors stated that Fuller was upset with Juga and she further stated that he was blaming her for everything and further stated that Fuller sneaked into her house from the garage and then went on to shoot her and he shot twice her mom too.

Michael Gravely who is the Kenosha County district attorney has also stated that how can a person kill someone who he has loved and with whom he is close, how can a person commit such a thing which he stated regarding Fuller’s case and he further stated that Fuller has killed a person who has tried to help him and it is shame that this has happened, he has also stated that she is someone who has always tried to help her, she believed that she could fix her but it seems like that he turned out to be someone who doesn’t care about his loved ones.

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