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Who Is Mark Hanneman, Former Hutchinson Officer Fatally Shoots Amir Locke


Who Is Mark Hanneman, Former Hutchinson Officer Fatally Shoots Amir Locke: A young boy has been shot dead by a former police officer named Mark Hanneman and the victim of this deadly news is Amir Lockie, it is reported that the young boy was killed during a raid in Minneapolis. The news of the death of Locke has been taken by storm on the web and a number of posts and blogs are being published on the web pages regarding this hot subject of the town as netizens are eager to read comprehensibly this news and if you are also want to read about this news then you are on the right place so keep reading this article till the last line of this screen. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Mark Hanneman

Who Is Mark Hanneman?

This case is being remarked as the case of misidentification because a cop shot down the wrong person in a raid in Minneapolis. As per the police statement, the man who has been died in the raid was armed with a handgun at the same time when police were searching the residence after issuing a search warrant against him. the footage of the fatal encounter went viral on Thursday night on social media and now it is trending on Twitter where numerous people already have watched the fatal encounter clip.

According to Amelia Huffman who is positioned as the chief of the interim police that the search raid was executed by the SWAT squad on behalf of the St. Paul Police for the investigation in a homicide case at the residence of Amir which is located in South Marquette Avenue and the flat number of Bolero Flats apartments is 117. The raid was executed by the SWAT team on the 7th floor of the block around 6:48 AM. The responsible officer for the encounter of the victim of this raid is a former officer of the Hutchison Police department.

Mark was the permanent officer of the Hutchinson Police department from 2012 to 2015 and after that, he also served the part-time services for the department from 25th July 2017 to 24th March 2019 and he was part of the SWAT squad in the raid in which he become responsible for the death of Amir Locke, Amir was the young boy who was just of 22 years but due to possession of an illegal arm he was suspiciously shot down twice in the chest and one shot was forced on his wrist by the Mark. Stay tuned for more details on ‘getindianews’.

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