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Manoj Patil: Ex-Mr India Winner Manoj Patil Attempted Suicide , Blames Sahil Khan


Who is Manoj Patil? Ex-Mr India Winner Manoj Patil Attempted Suicide, Blames Sahil Khan, Suicide is like a trend these days, people often take their life despite fighting with their problems. Suicide is always considered as a sign of weakness but we can never imagine, the person who chose to commit suicide over facing a problem from which trauma he or she was passing which forces them to commit suicide. Suicide is a very common thing in Bollywood, many strugglers in the film industry choose the option of suicide whenever they failed to struggle with the situation but some took this drastic step due to some famous personalities. As per the reports, a suicide letter of Manoj Patil went viral on social media.

Manoj Patil

Who is Manoj Patil?

Manoj Patil is Ex Mr India contest winner and as per the reports, he reportedly tried to attempt suicide by taking sleeping pills at his home which is in suburban Oshiwara in the wee hours on Thursday, 16th September 2021, according to police. After the reported incident, which took place between the time 12:30 AM and 01:00 AM at Patil’s home which is in the Saileela building in Oshiwara.

Manoj’s manager, Pari Naaz stated that Manoj’s family members hurriedly admitted him to the hospital where his condition was stated to be “critical”. Patil who is 29 years old is a “self-made” athlete and a model, as per the reports, a few days back he submitted a letter to the Oshiwara police, in which he demanding action against a Bollywood actor Sahil Khan for reportedly defaming him over social media and making a lot of problems in his professional life.

His manager further said they had demanded that an FIR be charged against the actor. In his letter, he further stated that Sahil Khan denigrate his nutrition shop on the Instagram handle. The suicide letter of Manoj Patil is getting viral on social media which states that: He was taking his life because of mental distress and stigma. Manoj became Mr India had begun the preparation for Mr Olympia. Actor Sahil Khan also wanted to take part in the tournament. He has reported that Sahil was harassing him to keep him away from it and take his name back from the competition of Mr Olympia.

Talking about the current health status of Manoj, he is currently out of danger, meanwhile, an official at the police station of Oshiwara informed me o FIR has been lodged so far.

Patil was born in 1992 who won the Mr India Men’s Physique Overall Championship in the year 2016.

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