After the incident happened at the Red Fort then many issues coming from it and also Delhi Police investigating them. Recently, a piece of big and shocking information coming that Delhi Police detained a journalist from the Singhu Border. The name of the person is Mandeep Punia who working freelancing as a journalist and contributor to the Caravan Magazine. The reason to find out him is he allegedly misbehaving with a station house officer on duty. He was at work on Friday to cover up the clashes in Singhu Border.

Mandeep Punia

Another big news is that Delhi Police also picked one more journalist from Online News India named Dharmender Singh. The reports also said that the police allowed Singh to go after he showed his identity card to the Delhi Police. But, another source said that both the journalists were taken to Alipur Police Station. The political editor of Caravan Magazine Hartosh Singh Bal said that “We came to know that Mandeep had spent the morning trying to track down those from the BJP who claim to be ‘local’ in Singhu.”

The protest takes a new turn on 26th January 2021 in which many cases come into highlights. Almost 200 people barged in despite heavy security. Along with it, from both sides, many people threw stones and damaged the tents of farmers on the site. The group who added on the same day in locals are claiming that they are local farmers but farmers claimed that they are Bharatiya Janata Party Supporters. When the violence become out of control then Police seized the entry from the protest site.

On Saturday, a local resident wanted to pass through the barricade, and Punia spoke to the police personnel when they started the conversation. Another shocking statement of an unidentified officer coming into front of everyone is that “Punia was standing with the protesters and he didn’t have a press ID card”. The officials said that he was trying to jump from the Barricades and then a dispute breaks out between the police officer and him that cause him to misbehave with the police officer on duty. Now, he detained by the Delhi Police and taken to Alipur Police Station. For further details stay tuned with us because we will update the entire reason and the incident here to provide the actual information to our users.


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