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Who is Malaysia King? Uber Driver Bully Girl Assault Case On Woman Has Been Arrested Check Her Instagram Age Twitter


For bullying an Ubar cab driver, a woman has been apprehended by the San Francisco Police Department. The case of the enraged assault has happened in San Francisco where a bevy of ladies brutally assaulted a cab driver. The name of the victim is Subhakar Khadka who is from Nepal. The deputies have been apprehended, Malaysia King, 24 from the Las Vegas Police Branch in the link amidst the incident. Another accused of this molestation, Kimai, 24 is still not arrested but she is in contact with the cops through her legal advisor that she plans to turn herself in.


Malaysia King Uber

Who is Malaysia King Uber Driver Bully Girl

The video of the assault of an Asian Cab driver has been viral all over the internet, in the video, the commuter behind the seat of the driver is witnessed taking off her mask and coughing on the driver Subhakar when he declined to give them the cab service for not following the protocols of face mask. In the video, Kimai is also seen abusing the cab driver. One of the other accused sprinkled pepper spray towards the vehicle later moving out of it. The cab driver also informed the police that the woman showed assertive behavior and bullying with him after knowing that he is not from San Francisco and gave racial comments. (Read More: Subhakar Khadka (Assaulted Uber Driver) Check Disturbing Instagram Viral Video)


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The San Francisco Cop branch informed the media that Malaysia King had been apprehended on the case of an attack with the help of corrosive chemicals, attack, and battery, stratagem, and breach of health and well-being code. The head of the San Francisco Cop branch Tracy informed, ” The etiquette portrayed on the video in this incident mentioned an intolerable attitude of a bevy of ladies towards the safety and welfare of a crucial service employee in the amid of a dangerous plague.”

In the media report, the cab driver refused to provide the cab service to a bevy of ladies who were not following the safety protocols of the covid pandemic and were not wearing face masks. The driver told them he could not start the ride before the women were not gone to wear their masks. One of the commuters recognized as Kimiai stole the mobile phone of the driver but the driver somehow managed to take his mobile back. After that, the perpetrators stepped out of the cab and one of them sprinkled the pepper spray into the vehicle.

The third commuter is still not recognized, the first commuter who has been arrested in Malaysia King and there is no much information is available regarding her identity. The people are mocking on social media on Malaysia King. Several jokes and comments are available online in which people making fun of her name.

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