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Who is Luxmy Gopal, All About BBC Breakfast presenter – Age, Instagram, and, more!


Who is Luxmy Gopal, All About BBC Breakfast presenter – Age, Instagram, and, more: She is a journalist who has been appeared on the BBC Breakfast show and her appearance makes the viewers her fans. They are now taking river to Twitter and appreciating her appearance on the show. After watching her on this show they are so curious to grab the details about her. As netizens and the viewers are searching for her on the web. So you guys are going to grab all the details about the journalists such as her career, profession, and social media profiles. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

BBC Breakfast Presenters Luxmy Gopal

Who is Luxmy Gopal?

Let me know her better, Luxmy Gopal lived in Leeds and she is working as the senior reporter for the channel BBC. And she completely graduated in History and English literature from the  University of Durham and she also use to speak in two different languages are German and French. She has been giving her best in this field and she is a very good representative. She has the most attractive and bold personality., The way she use to talk attracted many of the viewers and learners at a time. She was also used to working as an investigative journalist for BBC   Inside Out South East and ceremony she has been serving as the presenter for Look North.

BBC Breakfast Presenters Luxmy Gopal

She was first seen at the BBC network in the year 2016 and she even stepped into the replacement in the morning programs.

Luxmy Gopal Instagram and Twitter

You guys may find her on the social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and others too. On Twitter, you may gong to find her with the handle @luxmy_g and there she has 12,000 followers. She use to remain active on this platform.

Whole her Instagram handle is with @luxmy_g  and there also has enough amount of followers. And in her bio, you guys can see her BBC email. Other than this her feed is jammed up with a lot of pictures of her with her friends, and family.

Her appearance on the show is highly appreciated by the viewers and they are now searching for her. While there are numerous tweets here and they are:-

A tweet from a user reads, “She set the show on fire and this is actually so amazing to watch her. She is the fit one for the show.”

Another tweet about her reads, “very good morning to lovely personality she is inspiring.”

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