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Who is Lisa Gentile, Chris Noth Accuser Age, Husband, Family and, more!


Who is Lisa Gentile, Chris Noth Accuser Age, Husband, Family and, more!: Lisa Gentile accuses actor Chris Noth of the case of sexual assault. What she has to do with him and what did she say? All you will know about her in this article. In 2002, Lisa Gentile, a singer, and songwriter faced the sexual assault of actor Chris Noth confirming that he forcefully grabbed her back and was trying to forcefully kiss her in New York. Lisa did not handle this and came up with the high-profile lawyer named Gloria Allred said he would not take her case because the allegations almost went about “twenty years ago” and the case is out of the situation. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Lisa Gentile

Who is Lisa Gentile?

Although there was no statement comes from the Noth end.

Lisa Gentile has never told her exact age but due to some sources, we got to know that she is in her 40s. Even though she was active on Instagram where she share some thoughts, talked with some new people, and traveled around the world.

Recently, a Hollywood reporter came out with the report that there were two other women which Noth was hanging around with them.

One said that Noth raped her in his West Hollywood apartment. She was around at 22 that time.

Chris Noth Accuser Husband And Family

Another said she has been dating since 2015 when he invited to her apartment and assaulted her.

Moreover, Famous “Sex and City” stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, and Cynthia Nixon passed a statement that they will come forward to support the women where Noth cheating them for the whole time.

They wrote, “We are very depressed to hear the news of Chris Noth”.

We support the women and very difficult to manage the whole situation and we commented them for it.

Noth had denied all allegations and said that all the allegations against me were False, Not true. He was protecting himself. From that incident, we didn’t hear any response from him.

Is Lisa Gentile Married?

Lisa Gentile is now with her husband named Jefferey where she spends the whole time with their husband and cares about him.

On her husband’s birthday, she shared some cool pics on Instagram which was a heartwarming picture.

You can follow his Instagram page where she posts pictures of her husband, her daughter, her family. Sometimes she also does some music videos, music life which you can find out her page.

Besides this, she has kept her life personal. No other photos with family u see on her page.

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