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Who Is Liliana In ‘Power’? Season 1 Character Fate Explained


Who Is Liliana In ‘Power’? Season 1 Character Fate Explained: On 13 February 2022, the second episode of Power IV: Force was aired after which all the viewers are very excited to know more about the character Liliana. Yes, you read recently, the character of Liliana made a surprise cameo in the show since then the fans are desperately wanted to know who is Liliana in Power? As we all know that Power IV: Force is one of the most-watched and anticipated television series which has been followed by many. After the release of the second episode “King of the Goddamn Hill”, all the fans have only one question who is Liliana. So here, we have brought all the information about the character “Liliana”. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Liliana In ‘Power’

Who Is Liliana In ‘Power’?

Power Book IV: Force is an American drama series created b Robert Munic. The series was premiered on 06 February 2022 on Starz. It is the third spin-off and sequel of Power created by Courtney A. Kemp. In July 2021, it was revealed that Robert has left the series as a showrunner claiming creative differences. It is a crime drama series containing lots of mysteries and suspense which is the reason why the viewers are liking it.

Recently, another vital character in Power Book IV: Force has been introduced whose name is Liliana. As of now, Tommy and Diamond met each other finally. There will be several fans who are known to the character of Liliana who was featured in the first season of the original series Power. Although, her role was for a short time as she only featured in the first three episodes of the first season. The viewers of the series have introduced to the character Liliana in the season 1 opener.

If you go through Twitter, you will see how the viewers of the series are surprised by her comeback. It seems like they never expected her re-entry in the series. Well, it looks like the director very well knows how to surprise his audience. In the series, the former CBI leader was curious about Tommy after he managed to show as a ghost, save Jenard and Vic then bounce with their drugs and money. In the series, Liliana attacked Tommy. She has a lethal scar on her face. The series consists of 5 episodes from which 2 has been aired now. The viewers are eagerly waiting for the rest of the episodes of the series Power Book IV: Force.

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