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Who is Lázaro Barbosa? Serial Killer Lazaro Barbosa Killed By Police with More Than 20 Shots, Wiki, Age, Video Explained!


The serial killer naming Lazaro Barbosa who was 32 years of age has been killed on Monday and is dead through 20 bullet shots which were a mix of pistol and rifle shots, this has been stated by the Professor of Legal Medicine at UERJ naming Nelson Massini who is an expert when it comes to such cases, the guy has analyzed all of the pictures which are of the criminal and this has been done by him because of the request of EXTRA, the images cannot be published as they are highly sensitive and gore to look at.

Lázaro Barbosa

Who is Lázaro Barbosa?

Massini has stated that the guy has been shot with 3 rifle shots in the head and he further stated that in the chest has been shot with a pistol as it gives that impression, the damage has been caused in the head and he further stated that this is what is known as high energy projectile.

Lazaro Barbosa Video Explained

The expert has stated that it was completely possible to identify 20 of the shots as he stated that it has all been made at some distance and he further stated that all of the shots cannot be determined by the pictures itself as he stated that there were 3 in the head and by the looks of the 3 of the shots were through a rifle, now the exact number of bullets that has struck him is only going to be determined when the official report comes mentioning the exact number of bullets that the serial killer has been shot with.

The serial killer has been killed on Monday and this has happened after a confrontation that he had earlier with the task force as they started to look for him, he was taken to one of the hospitals in that region but he was not able to survive as he was shot several times.

The public security secretary mentioned that the serial killer was armed at the time of confrontation and the guy fired at the task force so they were left with no choice but to fight back and after that, he got completely roasted, he was alive when he was placed in the ambulance but he couldn’t survive for long.

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