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Who Is Lauren Kettering Tiktok Star Check Her Age, Boyfriend, Instagram


TikTok Star: Lauren Kettering a popular TikTok video creator has been trolling on social media after posting her dog video. The video is highly disliked by the users. The video including the head of her dog stuck into the jar while the dog was unable to get off his head on its own. But the most unexpected part is Kettering keep shot the video instead of helping the dog.

Lauren Kettering

The clip has raised many critics against Lauren. It seems that the dog gets suffocated he must be feeling strangulate inside that jar. And her followers along with others are completely against it.

A clip has also consisted of a caption, “watch till the end LMFAO.” This is counting as an animal abuser by the users.

While Kettering used to apologize when she got hatred comments for the mishap she stated, “My dod has been tucked his head by itself and it wasn’t done by me.” As some of the viewers alleging her for doing so.

She has over 6.2 million followers on TikTok while 300 million views on the clip. And she said in her online session on Instagram that, “Just after the clip Geo removed his head from that container while it was just for the clip and later I threw that jar into the garbage so, that the incident can’t take place again.”

Lauren Kettering

TikTok also shared a post in which she wrote an apology.  It includes, “I’m not an animal abuser and would never do something against him as I love him a lot. And let me tell you that the jar has space so, that he took off his head from it.”

She also mentions that “everyone has their own opinions and thoughts but your messages are unbearable as it was just an accident. And I love my dogs and do anything for them.”

Lauren has received many negative comments against the clip on social media. Prior to these comments and messages, she had to apologize for this through her social media accounts.

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