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Who Is Latisha Bargaineer? Boyfriend of Demetrius Montgomery (Murderer): Where Is He Right Now?


Who Is Latisha Bargaineer? Boyfriend of Demetrius Montgomery (Murderer): Where Is He Right Now?: A 29-year-old Detroit woman is making the headlines right now. Yes, you read it right and we are talking about the Detroit woman Latisha Bargaineer who was found crushed to death by her boyfriend. The information about the incident has been circulated all over the internet and gained a huge response from people. The crime story is featured in a nationwide TV assortment. Now, there are many people who are searching to know more details about the case. People want to know the exact details about what exactly happened to Latisha Bargaineer. In this article, we are going to provide you with all information about the case. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

Latisha Bargaineer

Who Is Latisha Bargaineer?

Latisha Bargaineer was a Detroit woman who was found crushed to death at the age of 29 years old earlier once more in late June 2017. The crime story has emerged throughout the American true-crime assortment fatal attraction that telecast on TV one, a basic cable TV channel. After the knowledge, the story of crime recirculated in public space. Currently, Latisha Bargaineer has been making important headlines everywhere.

Demetrius Montgomery Killer Latisha Bargaineer

29 years old Detroit woman Latisha was killed by her boyfriend. The cause of her death has come out as she was stabbed by her boyfriend of 11 years Demetrius Montgomery. She was allegedly discovered crushed to death on 18 June 2017 on Father’s Day. Recently, her story is featured in Fatal Attraction aired on TV One. During the investigation, Latisha’s boyfriend Demetrius Montgomery with whom she was in an on and off relationship for almost 11 years came out as the prime suspect in her murder.

Where Is Demetrius Montgomery Right Now?

In reality, he is currently on trial and was charged with open murder. The couple was in an unhealthy relationship fundamental and it was revealed when Latisha died untimely and in fact, was killed by her boyfriend. When the incident took place and came out in the media. Several people were left shocked extremely. Many people have shared their thoughts on social media regarding Latisha’s murder.

The obituary of Latisha Bargaineer was released by her family. Latisha had one sister, Anquantetta Bargaineer who had warned her to maintain her distance from Demetrius but she didn’t listen to her and continued her relationship with him. Her family was aware of her husband’s conduct but she didn’t listen to her family. Latisha was a bubbly and friendly nature girl who was killed by her lover. Stay tuned with us for further updates.

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