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Who is Landon Melvin? Boy Finds $5k While Cleaning Out The Suv!


There has been an incident in Indiana where a nine-year-old boy has found about five thousand dollars in an SUV which he was cleaning, the money has been a reward for the kid he has found the money in the family’s car which he found out under the floor mat of the car.

Landon Melvin

Who is Landon Melvin?

His father is in complete shock as he had no idea about the money lying in the car, the name of the kid is Landon Melvin and he has stated that at the time when he was cleaning his father’s car, he was trying to clean the floormats in the car and then when he flipped over one of the mats, he saw a package lying there and then he went on to his dad to tell him that he ahs found out a package lying under the floormat of the car and his dad thought that it is not going to be something important so he just gave him a nod and didn’t bother to ask him about what has he found, this has been stated by the kid in an interview that he gave and now the family Melvin’s has went to to buy the SUV.

In the year 2019, the family that previously owned the vehicle had gone to Florida as they were going on a cruise and at that time they forgot about the money and had no idea that they have kept the money in the car and when the current owners of the car who are the Melvin’s, they tracked down the previous owners and the previous owners stated that they are only going accept the cash if the kid takes thousand dollars from the amount as they want to give him a reward for the good deed that he has done.

and now in one of the interviews the kid has stated that he has kept the money safe in his room and has been thinking to what to but from the money that he has received from the previous owners of the SUV and it seems like that the kid is pretty excited about the money that he has got as he is planning out to buy something for himself which he completely deserves as he has done such a good deed and this is also going to teach him that doing good deeds are always going to end up as a good thing for him and that is the reason that the family awarded him with the money and we hope that the kid keeps on doing good deeds in his life and never changes.

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