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Who is Kitty Kumaramangalam? Ex Union Minister PR Kumaramangalam Wife Murdered!


Former Union Minister PR Kumaramanglam’s wife has been murdered in her house in Delhi naming Kitty Kumaramanglam at the age of 68 years as she was in her house in South Delhi in Vasant Vihar which happened on Tuesday as it has been stated by Delhi Police Department, A suspect has been arrested naming Raju Lakhan who is 24 years old and he has been arrested in the morning on Wednesday,

Kitty Kumaramangalam

Who is Kitty Kumaramangalam?

The Police have stated that they got to know about all of this from her domestic help as they have stated that the guy Lakhan came there around 9:00 pm and he also had 2 associates and them these guys went on to held her hostage as they entered her room afterward, The two associates overpowered and entered her room and held Kitty Kumaramangalam and then they went on to smother her with a pillow and after that, all of them left the house but somehow maid united herself and she put the alarm and this has been stated by DCP of South West naming Ingit Pratap Singh,

PR Kumaramangalam Union Minister Wife Murdered

It has been stated that the police has confirmed that they have agreed with the maid’s version and have arrested Lakhan on the basis of that and it has also been stated by the maid that Lakhan used to visit the house every day around 9:00 pm as she told the police that it was his daily routine and DCP further stated that they formed a team and they arrested Lakhan and he has also stated the name of the two other associates and he has stated that they are already looking out for them.

He further stated that that they also found a bag of stolen clothes from him and right now it is being checked by the authorities if something has been stolen from the house and it seems like that the other two guys have also taken two bags with them, she was living alone on the 2nd floor and Police have stated that they have already informed her son who is in Bengaluru right now and it seems like that that Delhi has reported about 196 murders between 1st January and 15th June.

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